Sep 23, 2009

My Lil Brother Amir

Amir on shy cousins:

"Dia ingat, duduk umah sebab nak putihkan kulit, hitam jek aku tengok!"
"You think that they'd stay at home to make their skin brighter, but they still as dark as ever!"

Amir on piggyback:

"Kak, encang aku kak... aku tau.. ko leh punya!"
"Sis, give me a piggyback, I know you're able to!"
He's 178cm and weighs 75 kg...

Amir on chores:

"Kak, mak suruh ko kira batu, pastu beras tu asingkan, 100 biji beras per mangkuk"
"Sis, mom asked to count the stones...and to separate the rice grains into bowls of 100s.."

Amir when asked where is he going:

"Aku nak pergi cucuk langit, lepas tu pergi mati, nak ikut?"
"I'm going to do the shuffle, then I'm going to die... do you want to follow me?"

"Aku nak gi berak...nak ikut?"
"I'm going to poop, want to join?"

Oh Amir....

These are only a few examples of his smart-assery... >.>

And he's only 14...

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Nadia said...

lil brothers... mine, i'd love to smother him in his sleep.. most of the time.