Sep 5, 2009

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning at 8
Blankets all over me as I sprawled in my bed
Sun rays hit me right in the face
Irritated, I pull my blanket over my head
Unproductive, lazy day I intended to sleep
All day long

The beep of my phone
Pulled me out of slumber land as I crawled towards it
Just another message from the service provider
Frustrated, I cursed them for wasting my time
Hazy, sleepy day I do not want to do anything
All day long

So I went back into my dreams
Where I’m the king and villain at the same time
Real and imaginary characters overlapping
As I sit and lick my strawberry ice cream in front of
The TV

Before I knew it
My grumbling stomach woke me up
And I realize
“Shit! It’s 6 pm!”

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