Sep 11, 2009

Douchebag in Ramadhan

I went to the immigration office yesterday after exam to settle my ERP (exit-reentry permit). Don't ask me why I have to do that.. each and every time before I fly back home. That, and Free-Fiscal application... >.>;;

Anyway, went there, fetch my passport, and I had to photocopy the latest ERP stamp in it. So I went to the photocopy shop at the office where they overcharge the service 5 times than what you can get outside (damn!), and there's this middle-aged lady photocopying in front of me. Being the good girl that I am.. I queued up behind her. Patiently, and quietly... she had so much trouble photocopying a lot of documents.

Then suddenly a guy came, and FUCKING CUT MY QUE!! It was a hot afternoon, and I've just finish my exam. My heels are hurting me, and I want no more than just photocopy a page, and go home. And this fucking douchebag had to cut my que, and photocopied 4 copies of 4 documents. Plus he didnt even have enough change to pay for it. Damn it!

I was so furious, that I went straight back to the parking lot after submitting my copied ERP. Then I realized that Jern was at the office too.... ARGH! ;_____;


rsyazwani said...

sorry this is toooooo funny !!
i guess it's true when ppl tend to feel happy at other ppl's misery. :)

how are ya doin rean?!!

rean said...

lol raje!
i'm good~
how's europe treating ya? xD

rsyazwani said...

europe is good. bt i think i could do with (real) malaysian food now. haha cmtuh ar.

bila2 kau cuti (and kau balek) btau ar. leh story2 :)

rean said...

well.. you're home now, so eat lots~
and yeah, hopefully we'll get to see each other on my next break..T-T