Dec 29, 2007

sometimes...i don't know why i bother..

yeah, you guys know how much i'm into manga and anime. in fact, the first thing you guys would describe as, besides being kinda weird, is i'm really into manga and anime (hence the reason why i'm weird).

well, even though i'm practically lived in fantasy land (yeah, manga and anime are fictions), i don't and i truly don't believe they are real.

and there's a fucking retard in my forum saying that his brother's real name is uchiha sasuke. he can't get his birth cert because retard Kakashi is holding it for him lest he'll lose it.


i'm just venting my anger at some underage kids who think they own the world and they know everything. and when people keep on telling them that they're wrong, they just think that we're discriminating them, and we don't understand.

i've been reading manga since i was 7 (doraemon is a manga guys), and never once do i think that Sha Gojyo is freakingly real and he's waiting for me somewhere just to get married to me. dreaming about it, yeah. but believing it's true, no. i'm not that stupid.

nor am i delusional.

hirano rants II

hirano kouta is currently my favourite manga artist


well maybe because i'm in love with "Hellsing" (damn jin for adding another manga addiction in my life...i don't need that you know!!).

i didn't know he d
rew a hentai (porn) manga before. and the fact that most of his characters in Hellsing are just recycled from his old hentai works. imagine Father Anderson:

was actually a character from his old hentai work titled Angel Dust. and guessed what, one of Anderson's nickname is "Angel Dust" Anderson (other than Regenerator, bla bla bla).
Gahhh!!! and that stupid Hirano Kouta had to kill Pip Bernadotte right after he got his first and last kiss from Seras Victor

i was hoping that the romance between them will progressed...and that baka baka manga-ka had to kill him!!!ARGHHH!!!
not to mention Walter betrayed the Hellsing Institute to move on to the darkside.

there's now two of my favourite characters turned from good to bad (one being Uchiha Sasuke).

making Pip as Seras' familiar isn't enough you know. nor making Walter looking 30 years younger. at least bring him back to his teens. XD

ps: yeah, i'm ranting what??it's titled hirano rants after all....

Dec 22, 2007

hirano rants..

nosferatu alucard is a character from a manga titled Hellsing. somebody introduced it to me, n now i'm really into it. i don't wanna talk bout the manga, just wanna post up some scanlan of the manga:you guys to have to click on the picture to enlarge it so you can read what's written. i posted it here coz i thing its funny. and stupid. and a little bit perverted though. ngaa...

Dec 20, 2007


new maggi product i found through Google

the instant noodle brand that made my life. serious.
any malaysian that doesn't know what maggi is, well, i can just say, "YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS?!!"

i ate maggi when my mom's not cooking, or as a breakfast treat, or when i seriously don't have money, or just as midnight snack.

and not one of my friends had ever say no to a pack of maggi. everyone was always searching for it back in high school. seriously, it's always "wey, ko ada maggi tak?" or "eh, maggi ko rasa apa? tom yam ada?" it's such a treat eating maggi. we don't know why.

oh, we tried other brands. how we tried. from mi ruski, to mamee to whatever weird naming brand. but always, always we go back to maggi. always to two favourite flavour of all time, maggi kari and maggi tom yam.

maggi is like an addiction to us malaysian students. my friend's brother, bought maggi to stock it when he's in japan. aisyah got maggi stock. heck, even here, in jogja where everyone eat instant noodle, some of my friends (me included) asked our friends who went back malaysia to buy us at least a five-pack maggi package. bad huh?

and there's this ad i heard a while back on the radio, this guy, apparently pretty well to do, an adult, he'll always bring a pack of maggi when he travels abroad.

i miss maggi. serious. no indomie, kare, sarimie, abc, mi ruski, super, mamee with its "mi yg lebih kenyal", myojo, nissin (yes, even nissin, the grandfather of all instant noodle) can beat malaysian curry flavoured or tom yam flavoured maggi.


Dec 18, 2007

plain life

  • i've gotten a lionhead goldfish last week, it's called kouji, and i assumed it's a male.
  • giutar lessons are getting harder, i'm starting to learn to play a song.
  • came back from my friend's birthday party. i still couldn't fit in.
  • still haven't search anything for tomorrow's tutorial.
  • i lost a few kgs over the past few months, but i'm still far from my ideal weight.
  • i've been reading 666 Satan non-stop, now i'm only at chapter 56
  • the song Mou Kimi ga Inai (Funky Monkey Babys)...ngaa...kouji likes it...hehe
  • still can't decide i like jern better or jin better..(ngahahaha!!kidding2 saja tader keje)
  • feels like i've been sleeping for a whole week now, but i still go to class (?!)>
  • few weeks ago, our female futsal team (batch 2006) won the Inter Annual Futsal League, i'm one of the defender.>
  • we lost 2 games in a row now in Meds Faculty Annual Basketball League.
  • i wanna go back home on december holiday, but i can't...
  • alex "taught" us tounge exercise for kissing purposes by tying cherry stalk using only your tounge. i thought only sakura leaves are used in those practices.
  • i think jern looks cute tonight. but then again...he always looks cute.. *smack head* oww!!who smacked me??
  • ngaa...i'm bored. i better get my ass off the pc...
  • and last but not least, I HATE FRIENDSTER!!!!
  • Dec 5, 2007

    you know you've been....

    i do know that i'm considered poyo according to aisyah's list of poyoness (and if raje did a list of geekiness/nerdiness,i'll definitely be one). but what the heck!! haha!! i did this list right after i read Kagen no Tsuki (Last Quarter) manga....

    • your favourite brand is Vivienne Westwood
    • you think that sadomasochistic costumes of The Sex Pistols are sexy
    • you suddenly develop a sudden craving to wear ridiculously high platforms when you never even wear heels in your whole life
    • guys you like are able to play guitar, smoke, have bad boy attitude and definitely can't live without you
    • you learn to like punk rock music even though you were into something different before
    • you wanted to form a band
    • you like high fashion, those that can only be costumes, or worn on runways
    • your favourite band is Black Stone
    • you believe in soul mate, reincarnation and dead lovers watching over alive ones.
    i realized i've been poisoned by yazawa ai after i've finished reading one of her manga, Last Quarter (there was a movie made based on this manga, hyde acted as the main male character). why i said i've been poisoned? i fall in love with Adam (the dead musician boyfriend) and Mizuki (the alive reincarnated girlfriend) relationship the way i'm into Ren/Nana (NANA) and George/Yukari (Paradise Kiss).

    Adam and Mizuki

    in this story, Adam/Mizuki have almost the same ending like George/Yukari. the only difference is Adam is dead, while George not. and yeah, Mizuki fell in love with the ghost Adam, while George, he went to Paris to continue his study in fashion and Yukari refused to follow him because her "career as a model has just started".

    bad relationship ending! i'm hoping for Nana and Ren to have a happily ever after ending. it's nerve wrecking to see their unstable relationship!!! i'm rambling. sorry. and oh yeah, if you don't get it, just do what you guys always done, ignore it.

    Dec 2, 2007

    losers of today

    pathetic aren't we?
    hanging on to something
    so trivial
    so fragile
    it'll break no matter what

    sad aren't we?
    always wanting for something
    that we know
    we could never get
    nor even touch

    a bunch of sad, pathetic persons
    trying our best
    to find a place in this cruel, unforgiving world

    a bunch of sad, pathetic persons
    trying our best
    to love someone in this cruel, unforgiving world

    a bunch of sad, pathetic persons
    trying our best
    to live in this cruel, unforgiving world

    we've been given chances
    we've screwed up

    we are the losers now
    not asking for sympathies
    just asking for empathies