Sep 23, 2009

My Lil Brother Amir

Amir on shy cousins:

"Dia ingat, duduk umah sebab nak putihkan kulit, hitam jek aku tengok!"
"You think that they'd stay at home to make their skin brighter, but they still as dark as ever!"

Amir on piggyback:

"Kak, encang aku kak... aku tau.. ko leh punya!"
"Sis, give me a piggyback, I know you're able to!"
He's 178cm and weighs 75 kg...

Amir on chores:

"Kak, mak suruh ko kira batu, pastu beras tu asingkan, 100 biji beras per mangkuk"
"Sis, mom asked to count the stones...and to separate the rice grains into bowls of 100s.."

Amir when asked where is he going:

"Aku nak pergi cucuk langit, lepas tu pergi mati, nak ikut?"
"I'm going to do the shuffle, then I'm going to die... do you want to follow me?"

"Aku nak gi berak...nak ikut?"
"I'm going to poop, want to join?"

Oh Amir....

These are only a few examples of his smart-assery... >.>

And he's only 14...

Sep 19, 2009

raaaaaage: real rage

Some Malay guys have unreasonable expectant on women.
They expect their women to be beautiful, gentle, smart, assertive, obedient, will speak their own mind and willing to stroke their egos.

Oh, and not to mention, to have superhuman strength and stamina.

Basically a first class girl, when they themselves mostly are first class jerk and third rate men. >.>

Who in the right mind, would ask a full-time working woman, to do all the house chores after coming back from her work, cook, take care of the children, "layan" the husband and whatever shitload of work? Must be some madmen under the delusion that girls are robots that do not tire.

Dammit guys! Just because you think (think because I bet you never tried doing it) that you can do it, don't expect the girls to do it!

Okay, okay, not all guys are like that, you said. Yes, I agree... that's why I said, SOME MALAY GUYS! Why Malay guys? Because I grew up around Malays.. and I am a Malay, my friends are mostly Malays, and my brothers' friends are Malays too.

What makes you think that I'm capable of replacing the shitload heavy carpet while having to move around a fuck heavy love seat, a OMG-I-can't-believe-I've-got-to-move this sofa and a coffee table?


His room is neater than mine.

This is not fair!!

Mitch and Cain: Part 4

You sure are feisty. I can’t forget how you calmly punched the face of the girl who cornered you. It was funny as hell. The girls were getting on my nerves, and you conveniently “finished” them for me. They never messed with any girls seen talking with me anymore. Maybe they were afraid to continue the “little chat” with you. No wonders no guys wanted to make you his girlfriend. You’re too scary.

Heh. They’re just too stupid to see past your silence and scariness. For that I’m glad. Else I’d be fighting nails and teeth over you. Not that I mind any way. Then again, there were guys who liked you. All were given personal warning from me to steer clear from you. Those who didn’t, well, they get a special treatment from yours truly. So, sorry to break your little bubble of self-confidence of guys leaving you alone because of your so called feistiness. I’m the one who ordered them to do that. It was nice to see you alone, and it would be fantastic to see you walking with someone. But I want that someone to be me, not one of those useless bastards.

When you introduced yourself at me, I was shocked. I can’t believe that you knew me. I was really flattered that you were interested in me; it’s like having my love returned. Of course you didn’t know that yet. I made sure of that. That, and the fact that I had been watching you since the day you arrived at the college. I’m good at keeping up a front aren’t I? You never know that all the while you thought you were walking alone; I was there right behind of you.

Stalker, he definitely is a stalker. A certified one it seems. This means, he knew she was watching him all this while! Oh noes! Groaning, she buried her face into her pillow. Four years and he still can make her feel embarrassed.

Yeps, I knew you were watching. Like Silverchair said, the greatest view is watching you watched over me. Do you want to know what it made me feel? When I caught you staring at me, it made me feels like I can do anything and get away from it. That’s why I’m acting like a real jerk when you were around. I just knew you will forgive me and wrote it off as one of my antiques. Stupid isn’t it?

Speaking of sneaking looks, do you still draw when you’re extremely bored? Can you sing properly now? Do you still wear purple eyeliner? Or have you change to hideous yellow just to spite me?

Do you know that I really like watching you during class? You have so many reactions that it’s amazing that the lecturers never noticed you were distracted. Most of the time you’ll keep your head bowed so near to the table. That’s your “serious drawing position”. Somehow I managed to take a look into your note books. Then the head-on-hand style, with your right hand frantically writing something. To others, maybe you look like you’re listening tentatively. But I know better, you were writing whatever song lyrics that suited your moods, or captions of your current emotions.

Sep 11, 2009

Douchebag in Ramadhan

I went to the immigration office yesterday after exam to settle my ERP (exit-reentry permit). Don't ask me why I have to do that.. each and every time before I fly back home. That, and Free-Fiscal application... >.>;;

Anyway, went there, fetch my passport, and I had to photocopy the latest ERP stamp in it. So I went to the photocopy shop at the office where they overcharge the service 5 times than what you can get outside (damn!), and there's this middle-aged lady photocopying in front of me. Being the good girl that I am.. I queued up behind her. Patiently, and quietly... she had so much trouble photocopying a lot of documents.

Then suddenly a guy came, and FUCKING CUT MY QUE!! It was a hot afternoon, and I've just finish my exam. My heels are hurting me, and I want no more than just photocopy a page, and go home. And this fucking douchebag had to cut my que, and photocopied 4 copies of 4 documents. Plus he didnt even have enough change to pay for it. Damn it!

I was so furious, that I went straight back to the parking lot after submitting my copied ERP. Then I realized that Jern was at the office too.... ARGH! ;_____;

Sep 5, 2009

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning at 8
Blankets all over me as I sprawled in my bed
Sun rays hit me right in the face
Irritated, I pull my blanket over my head
Unproductive, lazy day I intended to sleep
All day long

The beep of my phone
Pulled me out of slumber land as I crawled towards it
Just another message from the service provider
Frustrated, I cursed them for wasting my time
Hazy, sleepy day I do not want to do anything
All day long

So I went back into my dreams
Where I’m the king and villain at the same time
Real and imaginary characters overlapping
As I sit and lick my strawberry ice cream in front of
The TV

Before I knew it
My grumbling stomach woke me up
And I realize
“Shit! It’s 6 pm!”

Sep 1, 2009

Anti-Malaysia Sentiment

Yesterday I posted about there's no anti-Malaysia sentiment movement in Jogja.
Well friends, I stand corrected.

This morning, there was a demonstration by students from Politic Social Faculty. With the same haet message: Malingsia.

Wtf man!

Of course we share a lot of similar culture! We are urm.. what is serumpun in English? XD
But that was aaaaaaaaaaaages ago! A lot of Javanese migrated here, not to mention Bugis, Malays from Sumatera, lalalaa~

But the students from Politic Social, well guys, your demo is one day too late. You're supposed to do it yesterday, during our Independence Day... guess you're never really that alert to things that don't revolve around you, huh? And you call yourself Politic students? tsk tsk tsk...



My stomach lurched when you said you were going away....
And you're already so far away to begin with....



Sentimen anti-Malaysia?
Entah. Kat Jogja takde plak.... XD.

We were never been denied(?) to celebrate Independence Day. In fact, every 31st August, we will hold a celebration in campus. Maybe not as huge ass as it is in back home, but yeah we hung Malaysian flag, sang Negaraku and all other patriotic songs....

And had the juniors to perform for us. Which for me, is the best part. Hehe, all those silly acts from the juniors XD

this year we had a short sketch, a musical, a fashion show, and another one is undefinable >.>;;

and i had this cute junior sitting next to me during the performances, going thru his audio/video arrangement with me...
(his name is Jack btw, Captain Jack Sparrow >.>;;)

Anti-Malaysia? only present during futsal/basketball match against us... and used by retarded students only. the cool ones don't even bother~