Nov 28, 2008


I'm going to be offline for a few days, due to I'm terminating my contract with my current ISP provider.

maybe i'll be online again tomorrow, maybe next week. I'm not sure, it all depends on how rajin am I on buying the internet cable.

so, don't worry if you see me offline, syah! XD

Nov 24, 2008

taking my mind off the exam

Exam’s tomorrow. As a person who has trouble coping with stress, I did what I knew best, avoiding it.

One way of avoiding is having a good dinner at some far off place. Okay, it’s not that far, I’m just exaggerating. The dinner consists of sotong asam pedas, ikan bawal bakar and kangkung goreng. Sounds a lot, right? It is a lot, even for two ( I went with Intan).

Another way of running away from exam is by pondering over silly things. Like, why do condoms have various flavour. I saw a strawberry-flavoured Durex condom when I was paying for my candy. Talk about coincidence. Being a curious girl that I am, I proceeded to ask a good friend of mine on the mystery of flavoured condoms. He said that it’s for enhancing sexual pleasure, to mask the taste of latex during blowjobs. I said eww.

Yeah, I was feigning innocence. But it was fun asking those kinds of questions. It made me laugh when I read his replies on Y!M.

Hooo, yeah I’m evil.

To top of this sexual-laced entry, a Y!M status of a friend of mine,

“Hoh, *anonymous gila seks, x caye?tanye bdak yg len”

*name changed to protect privacy.


Nov 23, 2008

StarCraft : Brood War

StarCraft:Brood War is like my ultimate all time favourite computer game.

Too bad the last time I played it was back in '98/'99.

and I didn't even finish the game.

Damn those stupid viruses and being a real n00b back then!

Maybe I should just rent the cd and played it again...


Btw, when is the next StarCraft coming out? Or are they too busy with WarCraft now?

Nov 21, 2008

I am a nice girl

I just realized this. The day after our futsal match, I was hanging out with the guys, waiting for the rain to stop. With nothing to do, no hot drinks let alone hot food, the guys gossiped. Oh how they gossip about everything, from the beauty of the Bandung girls, to when is the next post-mortem meeting. Then, come the girls’ futsal match analysis.

Before that, introduction about the (girl) futsal match, since I don’t give two-dimes about the guys match, even though Master J, Alex, Azree, Zouk, Kimi, Luqman, Aaron were playing. What I know about the guys games is, no matter what team they are in, let it be Jogja A, Jogja B or Jogja Senior, I just want them to win. Or at least qualified to semifinals (which none of them did. Gah!). Back to girls’ game, Jogja sent two teams, which were Jogja Senior (mostly the Rainbow Republic players) and Jogja Junior (that’s us! The Crazy Bananas!). First thing first, who’s bright idea to name the team as Senior and Junior? It’s not like all of the team members of Senior team are seniors and vice versa. And third years are consider as seniors ya know. Juniors are first and second years!

Jogja Juniors.

Jogja Seniors are in group A, and we’re in group B. Group A had two strongest girl futsal teams, Surabaya and Bandung teams. Why this arrangement? Let me let out a secret, Azree (our coach slash AJK Sukan) didn’t want us to meet strong teams in the group stage. That’s a bit unfair isn’t it? But he didn’t expect that Bali girl’s team was strong either. Haih… anyways, the Jogja Sr team is really, really strong. They managed to get a 0-0 tie with Bandung, and Surabaya (correct me if I’m wrong. My memory is a bit hazy). Not losing to champs!! How cool is that? *grins*

Back to the topic. Our team Jogja Jr managed to advance to semifinal, only to meet with the Bandung team. We’re so scared of Bandung. They’re mean, they’re aggressive, and they’re damn good. Plus, one of the players can actually dribble the ball. I know dribbling is the basic skill in football, but hey, we’re girls, we can afford not to dribble, right? Their way of playing it, do anything as long as you get the ball and score it. Even though it means pushing, tarik-tarik baju, and kicking the opponent’s shin. Heck, they nearly kicked our goalie in the face! Yet, I failed to show my mean streak of kicking and pushing and pulling. Why? Mainly because they didn't do that to me. Looking like you can eat all of them for breakfast is certainly helpful, you know. They didn't dare to mess with me. Sad part was, they messed with one of my teammates, by kicking her at the shin... the bengkakness was scary, and she almost cried because of it...

Hafiz Kelantan commented on our Jogja team (both Senior and Junior). He said that we’re pretty strong ourselves, since we managed to tie with Bandung (Sr) and lost 1-0 (Jr), since there was a team who lost 3-0 with the Bandung girls. The guys discussed that they should teach one of the girls to dribble since it will be a HUMONGOUS advantage for our team. However, he was shocked when I told him that the Bandung girls main tarik-tarik baju. He asked me why didn’t I kicked the star player of Bandung, since it will cripple them greatly, I said that:

“ Aku tak suka main sepak-sepak ni. Sangat tidak professional”

And he said,

“Tapi korang kalah gakkk”


Despite of my bitching about Bandung team here, I cannot deny that they truly are a great team. They have good strategy, and endless stamina. They know that they’re weak on the defense, so they played aggressively, where they keep on attacking our side. They do know how to keep the game on their pace, their advantage, and that’s really cool. I mean, you cannot be the champion just by playing mean, can you?

Till we meet again Bandung, and at that time, we will prevail….

Last but not least....

Look, what I've found!! XD

Nov 18, 2008


Exam is next week, and I only read two lecture notes… *gasp*
Let’s ignore that fact friends…

So today I’m gonna express my love towards Shiina Ringo the “gureto”!
Currently, I’m in love with her song Oiran, which actually means courtesan/ upper-class prostitute. Don’t ask me why she named it that way; she’s just like that (like a song titled Yokushitsu/Bathroom… so just let it go).

The song started out with self-consciousness, as the girl stated the different in their status,

"I know I don’t quite measure up against you"
Which may means intellectually, socially or economically. And also she did say that their meeting was purely coincidental, a meeting arranged by fate
“The whole context in which we met was innocent”

She was thoroughly charmed by the guy, but it wasn’t her who called the shots, she played right into the guy’s arm (is this sentence correct? Herm..)
“Your charming ways deserve the blame for our time”
“It wasn’t me who led, your words spoke confidence”

Then the song progresses to the first bud of love, where she totally adore the smile on her lover’s face
“Like a flower in spring that blooms to life so radiant”

And also the first bit of possessiveness, where she wants to keep the guy only to herself
“Let it be only me forever since I want it more”
“Give it only to me please”

Come the chorus, where everything is all right as long as they are together. The world is beautiful when you’re in love.
“Moonlight showers down on you like flower blossoms”
“Somehow let me live this dream with you, endlessly”

Somehow, she suspected that she isn’t the only one in her lover’s life. The fact that she doesn’t really know him bothers her
“You hide your thoughts and shroud yourself in mystery”

But she can feel it, especially when he holds her near
“When you leaned against my shoulder I did notice it”

The mystery is driving her crazy, but whenever she asked him, he always managed to dodge the questions
“You’re quick and bright so pacify my complaints”

His sweet, gentle way makes it more difficult for her, and she felt like a monster for being jealous without any apparent reason
“Trapped in this room, suffocating in your niceties”
“I’m losing my mind to more fits of jealousy”

If not being treated as a princess will get her his heart, she’s willing to do that
“Come on right now, no need to treat me nice anymore”

However, it has reached a stage where she doesn’t trust herself to be with him anymore, because maybe she know that she will keep on hurting herself
“Somehow I want to hide myself somewhere away from you”

So all in all, the song is about falling in love and hurting oneself with one’s love. Like a prostitute’s love, where she knows that she will never get the man she love, even though he told her that she’s the only one. There will always be a nagging voice in her head that told her that she’s not the only one, and she knew absolutely nothing of her lover, maybe not even his real name.

A befitting title don’t you think?

Nov 17, 2008

something i did during lecture

this is the original picture:

i cropped this out of the original

and this is what i have done:

haha..i butchered the picture a bit, okay... a lot!

Nov 16, 2008

i have no more words left to say

dear you

sorry for not being able to be the perfect girl you want me to be.
i'm tired of trying to make you happy.
you will never be happy.
not with me, not with anybody else.
you're too busy to think about yourself and your reputation to even think of someone other than you.
i'm sick of your lies, sick of your endless complaints.
nothing will ever be perfect in your eyes, except you.
maybe you should marry yourself.
it must turn you on every time you look at the mirror, doesn't it?

fuck you, biatch!

Nov 14, 2008

yesterday's joke

yesterday, Alex, Syazwan n me went to the dean's office to pick up an lcd projector, a megaphone and a screen. and this is what happened:

Wan: Pak, kami ini yg kemarin, mau ngambil barangnya.
Sir, we're the ones from yesterday, we're here to pick up the stuff.

Pak 1: Oh ya, ya! mas ini namanya siapa ya?
Oh yes! what's your name, young man?

Wan: Err... Wan, nama saya Wan.
Err... Wan, my name is Wan

Pak 1: Ha? Ah Wan??

(Alex and me were giggling here)

Wan: Bukan, bukan! Nama saya Syazwan, mcm yang di belakang ini!
No, no! My name is Syazwan, like written on the back!

(Syazwan had his name written on the back of his shirt)

Pak 1: Ohh!!! SYAHWAN ya??


thank god that at least he got the last letter correct! else it'll be some other word!

*courtesy of Alex*

yelaa! aku majokkk laa!!

Nov 12, 2008


aku accidentally rosakkan mp3 player jern time aku usha-usha function dia. time lecture....

model mp3 encik jernih, yeah, kaler hitam


new info: mp3 encik jern telah sembuh.
rupa-rupanya adalah gara2 virus....

ps: rasanya bakal sibuk...sampai hujung minggu ni...

Nov 3, 2008


i feel lonely.
i got friends.
but not a clique.
i need to be a part of clique. hiks

maybe i just need another vacation
but maybe, i need to start to be part of the crowd,
instead of building an invisible cocoon around me.

Nov 1, 2008

living life

lately i've been snapping pictures with ma new camera, olympus u850 SW.
and mostly, are junk pictures. plus, i've been dubbed as paparazzi (or mamarazzi) due to my tendency of snapping pictures of a classmate of mine.
apa leh buat..dia cute dalam gambar pe! XD XD

mr j yg sedang membuka beg

anyways, i'm supposed to be busy, but i'm too lazy to be busy.. daym..
keje berlambak, eg, the yearbook, the seminar, and of course my monthly writings for FIKIR.
yet i see me sleeping all day long, shopping, and do nothing. hahahaha!

ah well. all is well.

it's better to be too busy than having too much idle time in my hands.

too much time leads to too much thinking. and as i said before, too much thinking hurts me so.

until then guys!