Nov 18, 2008


Exam is next week, and I only read two lecture notes… *gasp*
Let’s ignore that fact friends…

So today I’m gonna express my love towards Shiina Ringo the “gureto”!
Currently, I’m in love with her song Oiran, which actually means courtesan/ upper-class prostitute. Don’t ask me why she named it that way; she’s just like that (like a song titled Yokushitsu/Bathroom… so just let it go).

The song started out with self-consciousness, as the girl stated the different in their status,

"I know I don’t quite measure up against you"
Which may means intellectually, socially or economically. And also she did say that their meeting was purely coincidental, a meeting arranged by fate
“The whole context in which we met was innocent”

She was thoroughly charmed by the guy, but it wasn’t her who called the shots, she played right into the guy’s arm (is this sentence correct? Herm..)
“Your charming ways deserve the blame for our time”
“It wasn’t me who led, your words spoke confidence”

Then the song progresses to the first bud of love, where she totally adore the smile on her lover’s face
“Like a flower in spring that blooms to life so radiant”

And also the first bit of possessiveness, where she wants to keep the guy only to herself
“Let it be only me forever since I want it more”
“Give it only to me please”

Come the chorus, where everything is all right as long as they are together. The world is beautiful when you’re in love.
“Moonlight showers down on you like flower blossoms”
“Somehow let me live this dream with you, endlessly”

Somehow, she suspected that she isn’t the only one in her lover’s life. The fact that she doesn’t really know him bothers her
“You hide your thoughts and shroud yourself in mystery”

But she can feel it, especially when he holds her near
“When you leaned against my shoulder I did notice it”

The mystery is driving her crazy, but whenever she asked him, he always managed to dodge the questions
“You’re quick and bright so pacify my complaints”

His sweet, gentle way makes it more difficult for her, and she felt like a monster for being jealous without any apparent reason
“Trapped in this room, suffocating in your niceties”
“I’m losing my mind to more fits of jealousy”

If not being treated as a princess will get her his heart, she’s willing to do that
“Come on right now, no need to treat me nice anymore”

However, it has reached a stage where she doesn’t trust herself to be with him anymore, because maybe she know that she will keep on hurting herself
“Somehow I want to hide myself somewhere away from you”

So all in all, the song is about falling in love and hurting oneself with one’s love. Like a prostitute’s love, where she knows that she will never get the man she love, even though he told her that she’s the only one. There will always be a nagging voice in her head that told her that she’s not the only one, and she knew absolutely nothing of her lover, maybe not even his real name.

A befitting title don’t you think?

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