Nov 21, 2008

I am a nice girl

I just realized this. The day after our futsal match, I was hanging out with the guys, waiting for the rain to stop. With nothing to do, no hot drinks let alone hot food, the guys gossiped. Oh how they gossip about everything, from the beauty of the Bandung girls, to when is the next post-mortem meeting. Then, come the girls’ futsal match analysis.

Before that, introduction about the (girl) futsal match, since I don’t give two-dimes about the guys match, even though Master J, Alex, Azree, Zouk, Kimi, Luqman, Aaron were playing. What I know about the guys games is, no matter what team they are in, let it be Jogja A, Jogja B or Jogja Senior, I just want them to win. Or at least qualified to semifinals (which none of them did. Gah!). Back to girls’ game, Jogja sent two teams, which were Jogja Senior (mostly the Rainbow Republic players) and Jogja Junior (that’s us! The Crazy Bananas!). First thing first, who’s bright idea to name the team as Senior and Junior? It’s not like all of the team members of Senior team are seniors and vice versa. And third years are consider as seniors ya know. Juniors are first and second years!

Jogja Juniors.

Jogja Seniors are in group A, and we’re in group B. Group A had two strongest girl futsal teams, Surabaya and Bandung teams. Why this arrangement? Let me let out a secret, Azree (our coach slash AJK Sukan) didn’t want us to meet strong teams in the group stage. That’s a bit unfair isn’t it? But he didn’t expect that Bali girl’s team was strong either. Haih… anyways, the Jogja Sr team is really, really strong. They managed to get a 0-0 tie with Bandung, and Surabaya (correct me if I’m wrong. My memory is a bit hazy). Not losing to champs!! How cool is that? *grins*

Back to the topic. Our team Jogja Jr managed to advance to semifinal, only to meet with the Bandung team. We’re so scared of Bandung. They’re mean, they’re aggressive, and they’re damn good. Plus, one of the players can actually dribble the ball. I know dribbling is the basic skill in football, but hey, we’re girls, we can afford not to dribble, right? Their way of playing it, do anything as long as you get the ball and score it. Even though it means pushing, tarik-tarik baju, and kicking the opponent’s shin. Heck, they nearly kicked our goalie in the face! Yet, I failed to show my mean streak of kicking and pushing and pulling. Why? Mainly because they didn't do that to me. Looking like you can eat all of them for breakfast is certainly helpful, you know. They didn't dare to mess with me. Sad part was, they messed with one of my teammates, by kicking her at the shin... the bengkakness was scary, and she almost cried because of it...

Hafiz Kelantan commented on our Jogja team (both Senior and Junior). He said that we’re pretty strong ourselves, since we managed to tie with Bandung (Sr) and lost 1-0 (Jr), since there was a team who lost 3-0 with the Bandung girls. The guys discussed that they should teach one of the girls to dribble since it will be a HUMONGOUS advantage for our team. However, he was shocked when I told him that the Bandung girls main tarik-tarik baju. He asked me why didn’t I kicked the star player of Bandung, since it will cripple them greatly, I said that:

“ Aku tak suka main sepak-sepak ni. Sangat tidak professional”

And he said,

“Tapi korang kalah gakkk”


Despite of my bitching about Bandung team here, I cannot deny that they truly are a great team. They have good strategy, and endless stamina. They know that they’re weak on the defense, so they played aggressively, where they keep on attacking our side. They do know how to keep the game on their pace, their advantage, and that’s really cool. I mean, you cannot be the champion just by playing mean, can you?

Till we meet again Bandung, and at that time, we will prevail….

Last but not least....

Look, what I've found!! XD


raje said...

(sorry i couldnt help myself to laugh)
but you guys are awesomeeeeeee!
(by the way you guys posed for the pics!)
looks like shoalin-futsal summore.

i played (mind the Past tense) futsal once.
and it was A pain in the leg / foot /shin...!!
It wasnt THAT fun for me.
(altho its more becoz i dunno how to fucking kick a ball!)

well it seems that you have fun, it's all that matters anyway :)

raje said...

ohhhhhh i forgot to comment on the pic of Duta !


rean said...

well, the pic was our phailed attempt to look vogue. hahaha!

futsal was fun for me, but the practice wasn't. aku malas giler pegi praktis, thus making me a not so good player even after 2 years of playing.

hey, i DID not look like a freaky fan girl!!!

zatihazira said...

a docotr to be who kick ass! great one! hahaha. i won't come to u doctor :p

rean said...

we don't kick that much ass on our patients you know, only the irritating ones.. XD