Nov 14, 2008

yesterday's joke

yesterday, Alex, Syazwan n me went to the dean's office to pick up an lcd projector, a megaphone and a screen. and this is what happened:

Wan: Pak, kami ini yg kemarin, mau ngambil barangnya.
Sir, we're the ones from yesterday, we're here to pick up the stuff.

Pak 1: Oh ya, ya! mas ini namanya siapa ya?
Oh yes! what's your name, young man?

Wan: Err... Wan, nama saya Wan.
Err... Wan, my name is Wan

Pak 1: Ha? Ah Wan??

(Alex and me were giggling here)

Wan: Bukan, bukan! Nama saya Syazwan, mcm yang di belakang ini!
No, no! My name is Syazwan, like written on the back!

(Syazwan had his name written on the back of his shirt)

Pak 1: Ohh!!! SYAHWAN ya??


thank god that at least he got the last letter correct! else it'll be some other word!

*courtesy of Alex*

yelaa! aku majokkk laa!!


aisyah. said...

hahahahhaha.. adoi xle blah la...


aisyah. said...

if he's awan then i'm langit =P

rean said...

aisyah adalah langit langit