Feb 23, 2008

random phase

lately i've been going through "sketch" phase, where i sketch anyone that catches my attention, especially when i have a pen/pencil and a piece of paper on my hand.

i do this a lot, and most of it happens during lecture hour.heh. and i found out strange things about me, like, i really like to sketch people in sitting position, i have this shoe fetish (where i drew shoes, any shoes that caught my eyes) and i like seeing other people's arm and forearm, not forgetting hair too.

and there's a guy that attract my pencil because of his long, thin, muscular limbs. i didn't manage to draw that arm in the sketchbook, managing only his hair and his torso. he moved around too much, and i had to alternate between him and the cadaver. the only reason he never entered my lecture sketches was he always sit too far or behind me. and it's not like i'll get the chance of drawing his limbs again...uhuks

man, i'm being weird all over again...

Feb 20, 2008

raje's asking me to kick her butt...

why am i dragged into this tag game?
i know i'm supposed to do my tutorial self-study now, but...

how am i supposed to be random???

i'll just try my best.


Fact 1:the nickname rean was given by my friend Azlia, because she said Raihana is just too damn long, and Rai isn't cool enough.
Fact 2: i can't cook, but i can sew. and i like sewing. when i had the mood that is. XD

Fact 3: i named my bike kentarou just for the sake of calling it ken-chan. and it seems all of my stuff that i gave name to them are males. hmmm...

Fact 4: i only drink processed milk, especially low fat milk, because i don't like the smell and taste of fresh milk (apatah lagi full cream)
hoh....banyaknye lapan...lapan lapan lapan lapan lapannnnn

Fact 5: if there's a person i'm in love right now, it's Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto (get a live rean!!)

Fact 6: thinking bout getting married this year...but there's no candidate in mind...XD 

Fact 7: only one thing that can keep me up all night : internet. coffee doesn't work for me, at all.
yes!!finally, only one left!!

Fact 8: i have a white PS2 in my room now.XD

can i not tag? malas pikir nak tag sapa..and my tag list won't reach 8...hehe

Feb 17, 2008

mall antiques

i just got a new bike.
a suzuki spin 125 blue color scooter.
called Kentaro, or Ken-chan for short.

after finally i put up the plate number, i brought it for test drive on main road. first place visited: campus, later Malioboro. and in the afternoon, i went out to mall with my friend ida, and out again for dinner later that evening.

one whole day of biking experience.and that was yesterday.

and today, i went out again, with another girl, intan. we went to eat ice cream at frappio. the plan was, frappio, jsc, alpha, then back. and we only managed to get to frappio. and on our way to jsc, it started to drizzle. so we rushed to the nearest place : amplaz. the mall that i went to yesterday with ida.

turns out at amplaz there's a "wedges wonderland" promotion going on at centro, a department store. and there's a jazz band playing, with a pianist, saxophone player, clarinet (?) and a singer. after hunting for cats merchandise (intan is a cat fanatic), we went back to centro, just to look at the saxophone player. that's when disaster (or stupidity?) happened.

when we went there, there's sort of runway show for spectators, to show off the wedges. they wanted 3 contestant, and winner got the wedges. and you know what? i offered myself to enter.

and i lost. according to intan, i'm macho. but to me, i'm being wacky on stage.
the reason why that i'm doing it, well beside getting the shoes, is to get that saxophone player to notice me. stupid isn't it? XD

after the runway show, we ran away, and went to someplace else. after going to the bathroom (toilet, touching up, gathering confidence) we went back to centro to see that guy, only to find out that he's gone. the only ones left were his group mate, the pianist, clarinet player, and the singer...

after all the hardwork!! XD
but it was fun though, and intan said that he smiled at my antiques on stage..XD

Feb 14, 2008

rough sketches

here's a few of my rough sketches.
mind the bad photographing techniques...

tu jelaa...tader mende pun..XD

Feb 10, 2008

kouji's pic

here's my pet fish kouji. he's been around for two to three months, i think..XD

sorry for the blurry picture. he likes to move around a lot...

Feb 9, 2008

me and my phone

celebrating the new year, i bought myself a new handphone..


the truth is i had to buy a new phone because my old one keep acting up. i've been using nokia 6610 for nearly three years, and it's not a new phone when i got it. i'm kinda mad having to change to another phone, since i've been saving up to buy a new mp3 player. so no mp3 player, but new phone. Gahhh!!

seriously, buying the phone itself is kinda lame story. my brothers and i went to tesco to buy the phone, keep on browsing which one that's worth the money since my budget is kinda small, only rm580. i just want an mp3 phone, with the focus on sony ericsson w series phone, not minding whether it's the latest model, or one that had been out two or three years before.

my brother, well, he wanted me to buy the latest model. latest sony e (i'll refer sony ericsson as sony e) w series phone is the w850i i think. and it cost around rm 700++. definitely out of my budget. so the nearest is sony e k550i. at first i don't want it, since it's k series, not w series. but after seeing my brother's face (dia dah tarik muka masam dah..si asyraf tuhh..grr), i gave in. i said, "okay, okay, whatever phone you think best".

so we decided to buy the phone. i took out my purse, gave out the money, just to find out i'm rm50 short. seriously! i was so sure i had rm580 in my purse!!damn!so we had to drive back home (thank god it's so near, and melaka don't have a lot of traffic) and i asked mom for another rm50 (now she officially supported me rm250).then asyraf and amir went back to buy the phone.
and here's when they tricked me. they came back home with the handphone box, without the phone inside, telling me that they've forgotten to take it. and they promised to take it tomorrow. of course i panicked!the receipt had been given, what if the shop refuse to give us the phone? then my rm585 would just fly out of the window just like that!and the next day is the chinese new year eve. what if asyraf couldn't make it in time to get the phone?that means i had to wait 6 months before i can use my brand new phone...

asyraf only gave me back my phone after he finished his training at 4 pm the next day. that ass of a brother!!! XD XD XD
oh yeah, here's the picture of sony e k550i:

oh by the way, this is not exactly the picture of my phone..i took it from random site. but since it look exactly the same (i bought the white one too..XD), so it's forgivable, rite?