Feb 23, 2008

random phase

lately i've been going through "sketch" phase, where i sketch anyone that catches my attention, especially when i have a pen/pencil and a piece of paper on my hand.

i do this a lot, and most of it happens during lecture hour.heh. and i found out strange things about me, like, i really like to sketch people in sitting position, i have this shoe fetish (where i drew shoes, any shoes that caught my eyes) and i like seeing other people's arm and forearm, not forgetting hair too.

and there's a guy that attract my pencil because of his long, thin, muscular limbs. i didn't manage to draw that arm in the sketchbook, managing only his hair and his torso. he moved around too much, and i had to alternate between him and the cadaver. the only reason he never entered my lecture sketches was he always sit too far or behind me. and it's not like i'll get the chance of drawing his limbs again...uhuks

man, i'm being weird all over again...


aisyah. said...

serious. xsabar nk jumpa ko kat indon. WE CAN GO SHOPPING!!!!!!

aisyah. said...

eh,brapa hb aku nk beli tix p indon ni?????