Feb 20, 2008

raje's asking me to kick her butt...

why am i dragged into this tag game?
i know i'm supposed to do my tutorial self-study now, but...

how am i supposed to be random???

i'll just try my best.


Fact 1:the nickname rean was given by my friend Azlia, because she said Raihana is just too damn long, and Rai isn't cool enough.
Fact 2: i can't cook, but i can sew. and i like sewing. when i had the mood that is. XD

Fact 3: i named my bike kentarou just for the sake of calling it ken-chan. and it seems all of my stuff that i gave name to them are males. hmmm...

Fact 4: i only drink processed milk, especially low fat milk, because i don't like the smell and taste of fresh milk (apatah lagi full cream)
hoh....banyaknye lapan...lapan lapan lapan lapan lapannnnn

Fact 5: if there's a person i'm in love right now, it's Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto (get a live rean!!)

Fact 6: thinking bout getting married this year...but there's no candidate in mind...XD 

Fact 7: only one thing that can keep me up all night : internet. coffee doesn't work for me, at all.
yes!!finally, only one left!!

Fact 8: i have a white PS2 in my room now.XD

can i not tag? malas pikir nak tag sapa..and my tag list won't reach 8...hehe


raje said...

i loooooveeeeee full cream milk! come to think of it, i only drink full cream milk. haha dont u think fresh milk got a "cow" taste in it??

fock fat 6.

double fock for fact 8.

ah.. have a good day :)

aisyah. said...

tag me, tag me, tag me...... hahahahhahahahaha

rean said...

tagging aisyah!! XD
buat je tag tu syah! aku tak tag sbb tag list aku takkan sampai 8 (lame giler...XD)