Feb 25, 2012


Last night.

My uncle came with his wife, 4 of his children, and 3 grandchildren.
Our home was turned into something filled with people. There's noise, everywhere, and persons all over the place.

It was okay I guess. Although my brothers had to share a room due to one of theirs was used as the guest room. Ah well. At least grandma had fun.

Feb 17, 2012

On the go

I'm currently testing a blog app on my tab. I've been slowly moving to tablet, abandoning my fav machine, the laptop. If it's not for bigger screen, more power and the keyboard, i've left that machine to collect dust already.

Too bad I can't edit on tablet. *sighs*

Smartphones have spoiled me rotten.

Ps: The books I bought, done with 3 on the same day I bought them :s

Feb 13, 2012

Of Cakes and Sunflowers.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.

And all I want is CAKE! :D

Pic Source
Yummy, yummy cake.

Hmm, anyone wants to give me sunflowers for Valentine's? Red roses are so cliche.

Pic Source
Look at those lovely, happy flowers.

Feb 3, 2012

Joy Division

I'm on Joy Division mode.

Blaming it on @zulhelmimalek and @comradenami