Feb 3, 2012

Joy Division

I'm on Joy Division mode.

Blaming it on @zulhelmimalek and @comradenami


Diyana Munira said...

How do you tolerate them? The anons on BlogSerius. Seriously, I'm insulted by them.

Maybe I should blame myself for commenting. If I didn't comment, maybe it didn't happen.

kakkumei said...

Ignore them. Just ignore them. And their insults are too low for me to get insulted.

Idiots will be idiots. A small provocation and they start attacking me, personally. Not my ideas, you see.

So sit back, and laugh back at them.


hahaha...kenapala pergi masuk komen layan si anon dlm blogserius...kekg ngn ko sendiri jadi tension...nk komen sana kena jadi anon..baru bleh layan

kakkumei said...

Haha! Saje je. Alah, derang tu cakap je lebih, habuk tarak.