Apr 30, 2009

Exam wave~

Exam in less than a week away..
I still haven't finish my notes...
Nor have I started doing any of the past years....

Somehow, I don't feel motivated to even study for this block..
Why oh why obstetric-gynecology can be this boring....

I need to pull myself up and do it. Whether I like it or not.

Apr 26, 2009

Nak Tulis Sesuatu, Tapi Tiada Idea...

I really want to blog about something, anything, but currently I have absolutely nothing to rant. Too happy maybe?

Nah, not possible. My anatomy exam sucked (I’m hoping to pass…), my block exam is only two weeks from now, I still haven’t done my thesis proposal, I’m going to do thesis experiment tomorrow, I always have shortage of money, my best friend is far away from me (and most probably I couldn’t even see her this year), I have to look for a new hang out buddy (because the current one already had a girlfriend, so.. yeah…), and I don’t even have a boyfriend (okay, that’s not related).

But, still, I have nothing to write. For all the “misery” I’m experiencing, the "emotional roller coaster", the "heartache", the "heartbreak", the "loneliness", the "misunderstanding"… (I’m exaggerating) it’s still not enough. Not enough to evoke any creative juices to flow from the crypts and creases of my brain.

Then again, for two days in a row, I’ve been having dinner with Jern. From stalking paparazzi-like, to sengih-sengih during class, to raking my brain of what to say to him, now I’m upgrading to HANGING OUT with him. Yeahhh!!! Is that a progress or what!! HAHAHAHAHHA! (Sorry Payal, am I breaching the contract or something?) Haih… still nothing to write… except (prepare to puke guys! Mushy contents ahead!) “Waaa! Jern cute giler!” “He’s absolutely gorgeous!” “Woot! Sangat macho time main futsal!” “Aaaaa! Comellll!!!!”

Jern, trying out his new cardigan(?)

Ok. Enough.

Now I’m totally having writer’s block. Argh!

Apr 24, 2009

Hitoiro - One Color

Another single flower petal is torn off
And I don't have the power to stop the wind
As you break down crying on the far shore
This is the least I can give you in parting
You can forget the promise we made that day

How can a love that was just a step too late
Tear everything apart like this?
Once again the stardust flows
And I don't have the power to stop time
Say a prayer, you only need one
It's okay to wish for your own happiness

We allowed pain of the same color
While condemning mistakes of a different color
We lit fires of the same color
While hiding doors of a different color

Now a faded flower scatters for you
Now a faded star scatters for you
In your dreams, good night

How can a spoonful of love that got left out
Ruin everything like this?
On the street corner, it looks like another squall will hit
And I don't have an umbrella to guard my wounds
Find the exit, you only need one
It's okay to search for your own happiness

We beat rhythms of the same color
While silencing footsteps of a different color
We painted scenery of the same color
While shutting away seasons of a different color

Now a faded night scatters for you
Now a colored morning comes for you
In your dreams, good night

Sweet dreams, baby
Sweet dreams, baby

If someday we meet somewhere again
Will we be able to try again? Is there anything left?
Time's about to overtake us, but we can't reset it
Don't cry, kindness isn't weakness

We allowed pain of the same color
While condemning mistakes of a different color
We lit fires of the same color
While hiding doors of a different color

Now a colored flower blooms for you
Now a colored star falls for you
In your dreams, good night
Sweet dreams, baby
Sweet dreams, baby

Song: Hitoiro by Nakashima Mika
Translation by Megchan [www.megchan.com]

Saje layan jiwang memalam ni… hehe… Lagipun lagu ni pasal persahabatan, bukan pasal boyfriend pun~

Apr 20, 2009

The Pogung Ballad: Part 3

Remember this guy?

this picture is already 3 years old.... this was during our first year...

I once likened him to Takuya of UVERworld. ( please refer to this post)

and yeah, he's the guy who is happily married now.

the happily married couple

This is his wife, Sari. I have to edit the picture because Luqman said not to post any pictures that show his wife's face. The bad editing is due to me, being me (update blog sambil buat PA... sungguh tidak sedar diri saya ini!).
Sari is still in high school. Oh yeahh... this is my favorite gossip of the month!!! Luqman marrying a high school girl!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! yeah, I'm Evilina.... |||(-_-)

I first met Sari during batch project pool session. The first think that came to my mind was, "OMG, this girl is damn hot!!!". Then I met her again during the band jamming session. Being an awkward person, I didn't say much to her, except smile. Heck! I hardly speak to Luqman for more than 3 minutes! Then he married her.... I was shocked... there goes another cute guy... haih... lepas ni dah takleh ushar Luqman lagi... dia dah jadi suami orang...

I'm still digesting the news. Don't shock me more with news that Sari got pregnant okay!

Again, congratulations dude... sungguh sangat berani anda berkahwin pada usia sebegini muda (he's only 22... well, going to be 23 this year). Not to mention you are still studying..

semoga berbahagia hingga ke anak cucu, and hopefully you have a GREAT life together with her!!

ps: to all my friends that currently having boyfriends/girlfriends, I wanna ask, when are you guys getting married???

Apr 18, 2009

spent my money.....

yeah, i just received my scholarship money yesterday.
and yeah, being me, i spent some of it on shoes and bags...

these are what i bought..

oh yeah, my partayyyy shoes...
They're 4-inches high.. and silver in color.
I successfully managed to wear it, just to figure out, that they are PAINFUL AS HELL!!! takleh pakai buat jalan-jalan.... isk... (shoes from chrysalis)

next, the biker bag! it's humongous, and it's squishy... notice the chain and the zips.. plus the black faux leather... my dream came true!!!! ahahahahhahaha! (bag from Hana)

this one, is a vivienne westwood argyle style look-alike. since i still can't afford the rm2000 vivienne westwood bag, so i settled for rp149 000 steal purse. haih.... (purse from spyderbilt)

hohoho! rocker style to the max!! anyway, congrats to Luqman and Sari for the wedding!! hehe... seriously tak sangka Luqman would be the first from our batch to get married... I always thought that he's a player by nature... (by the way, he's a cradle snatcher... his wife still haven't even finished high school yet... XD)

Apr 15, 2009

The Pogung Ballad: Part 2

I moved out to a new house last February, with two housemates, Yasmin and Wannab. Our new house is situated in Pogung Dalangan, only 15 minutes walk to campus, but 10 minutes walk to main road... thank god for the bike!

Out of the three, I'm the oldest, followed by Wannab and Min.

And, in the matter of maturity (more like acting your age), Wannab wins. She's patient, responsible and focused on the task. Unlike me, who is easily distracted by anything, and not to mention easily bored... hahahaha!!!

The new house is nice, despite my room not having door handle on the inside (I managed to make it CRUMBLED, not broke it, mind you, crumbled it to pieces), Min's room leaked terribly (it's fixed, but still have occasional drops...), inaccessibility of internet (due to our "friendly" neighbor who refused to let the internet cable passed above his roof), and the permanently out bulb in the bathroom. I painted my room yellow and bright green, while Wannab and Min decided to paint the house (and their rooms ) purple and pink. Very girlish, and funky (my room is funky).

Since the rooms were bare when we arrived, we took the liberty to decorate it as we wish. A lot of thoughts, planning and sweating involved. Not to mention the money spent. I managed to get broke one month after I got my scholarship money. Argh. As usual, my room is full of anime posters, books and junks. No beds, just a thick springed mattress, two wardrobes, a study table, two racks (one is full of books, and the other is full of junks), a laundry basket, and the focus of the room, an acoustic GUITAR, which I hardly touched.

Our living room is bare minimum, we have couches, left by previous tenant I presume, which are old, dusty and torn here and there. A cute new fridge (cost us around Rp 1.3 million...) that is always full of weird stuff, my old tv, and a ps2 plus a DDR dance pad (the girls love it! They come to visit us, and danced to HSM songs...)

Then there's the garage cum ampaian (where we parked two scooters and a bike and hang our clothes, duh!), washing area, kitchen, and a small garden which is tended by someone (we suspected the house owner paid him because somehow she knew that we won't take good care of her garden). Yep, it's a nice house, just nicely fit us three (and we only have 3 bedrooms), even though it's a bit hidden and surrounded by bigger houses left, right, front and back...

Meanwhile, I got myself a new hangout buddy, Zul. After hanging out with him for around 2 months or more (or less), he got himself a girlfriend. Fantastic. And his girlfriend is currently staying in Malaysia. Just great. Now everytime I hang out with him, I'll feel guilty for going out with someone's boyfriend. Argh! I have to find a new hang out buddy, fast. Preferably someone who can ride a bike, have great sense of direction, not afraid of going out late at night, and has no problems in mindless riding. Anyone??

I still stalked Jern like a paparazzi stalked a celeb. But not as intense as before. Bored maybe?

Haih, I still have strong dislike over Pathology Anatomy. Help!

Apr 12, 2009

The Pogung Ballad

The unmade bed and very messy room
Nice housemates and late night outings
A best friend with a girlfriend
Camera full of another

Dusty roads and scorching sun
People stare out of curiosity
Same words different meanings
I wanna go home

Some breaking up and another hooking up
And there’s a secret marriage going on
Too much latency it’s frustrating
Feels like screaming out

Cold and windy bright nights
Not a shop opens after 9
Sweating after practices
I’m not into futsal

4 hours-ride on bike to another city
Hanging out in boy’s room till late
A delicacy of home-cooked meals
Never have enough money

Dusty roads and scorching sun
People stare out of curiosity
Same words different meanings
I wanna go home

*So much had happened between the last proper post and now... so i just condensed it in one short poem. boleh ka? XD. I'll prolly explain about it in the next post.. (I hope)