Apr 18, 2009

spent my money.....

yeah, i just received my scholarship money yesterday.
and yeah, being me, i spent some of it on shoes and bags...

these are what i bought..

oh yeah, my partayyyy shoes...
They're 4-inches high.. and silver in color.
I successfully managed to wear it, just to figure out, that they are PAINFUL AS HELL!!! takleh pakai buat jalan-jalan.... isk... (shoes from chrysalis)

next, the biker bag! it's humongous, and it's squishy... notice the chain and the zips.. plus the black faux leather... my dream came true!!!! ahahahahhahaha! (bag from Hana)

this one, is a vivienne westwood argyle style look-alike. since i still can't afford the rm2000 vivienne westwood bag, so i settled for rp149 000 steal purse. haih.... (purse from spyderbilt)

hohoho! rocker style to the max!! anyway, congrats to Luqman and Sari for the wedding!! hehe... seriously tak sangka Luqman would be the first from our batch to get married... I always thought that he's a player by nature... (by the way, he's a cradle snatcher... his wife still haven't even finished high school yet... XD)

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