Apr 26, 2009

Nak Tulis Sesuatu, Tapi Tiada Idea...

I really want to blog about something, anything, but currently I have absolutely nothing to rant. Too happy maybe?

Nah, not possible. My anatomy exam sucked (I’m hoping to pass…), my block exam is only two weeks from now, I still haven’t done my thesis proposal, I’m going to do thesis experiment tomorrow, I always have shortage of money, my best friend is far away from me (and most probably I couldn’t even see her this year), I have to look for a new hang out buddy (because the current one already had a girlfriend, so.. yeah…), and I don’t even have a boyfriend (okay, that’s not related).

But, still, I have nothing to write. For all the “misery” I’m experiencing, the "emotional roller coaster", the "heartache", the "heartbreak", the "loneliness", the "misunderstanding"… (I’m exaggerating) it’s still not enough. Not enough to evoke any creative juices to flow from the crypts and creases of my brain.

Then again, for two days in a row, I’ve been having dinner with Jern. From stalking paparazzi-like, to sengih-sengih during class, to raking my brain of what to say to him, now I’m upgrading to HANGING OUT with him. Yeahhh!!! Is that a progress or what!! HAHAHAHAHHA! (Sorry Payal, am I breaching the contract or something?) Haih… still nothing to write… except (prepare to puke guys! Mushy contents ahead!) “Waaa! Jern cute giler!” “He’s absolutely gorgeous!” “Woot! Sangat macho time main futsal!” “Aaaaa! Comellll!!!!”

Jern, trying out his new cardigan(?)

Ok. Enough.

Now I’m totally having writer’s block. Argh!


aisyah said...

too happy maybe??

hahahhahahahhahaha =D

takpe, aku bule buat BYK2 video utk ko. hahahahha ;)


rean said...



Kencana Si Rawi said...

Kak Rean break the Covenant dgn kak Payal...kantoi~!

Kencana Si Rawi said...

Tapi abg Jern tak macho sangat lar...Rambut die panjang~ (Hahah...Sorry Kak Payal, if I break the Covenant or sumthing)

rean said...

huiks! jangan kasi tau payal.. mati aku! XD

ala.. jern dah potong rambut dah... tapi apesal dia nampak cute ngan rambut pendek? tak nampak macho pun... lagi macho time dia rambut panjang.... hahaha!

oh crap! TIDAAAKKKKKKK!erk...
*rean mati disepak-sepak fans jern akibat hogging yang melampau*

aisyah said...

OMG~~~~~~~~~ RAI!!!!!!!!!!!