Apr 20, 2009

The Pogung Ballad: Part 3

Remember this guy?

this picture is already 3 years old.... this was during our first year...

I once likened him to Takuya of UVERworld. ( please refer to this post)

and yeah, he's the guy who is happily married now.

the happily married couple

This is his wife, Sari. I have to edit the picture because Luqman said not to post any pictures that show his wife's face. The bad editing is due to me, being me (update blog sambil buat PA... sungguh tidak sedar diri saya ini!).
Sari is still in high school. Oh yeahh... this is my favorite gossip of the month!!! Luqman marrying a high school girl!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! yeah, I'm Evilina.... |||(-_-)

I first met Sari during batch project pool session. The first think that came to my mind was, "OMG, this girl is damn hot!!!". Then I met her again during the band jamming session. Being an awkward person, I didn't say much to her, except smile. Heck! I hardly speak to Luqman for more than 3 minutes! Then he married her.... I was shocked... there goes another cute guy... haih... lepas ni dah takleh ushar Luqman lagi... dia dah jadi suami orang...

I'm still digesting the news. Don't shock me more with news that Sari got pregnant okay!

Again, congratulations dude... sungguh sangat berani anda berkahwin pada usia sebegini muda (he's only 22... well, going to be 23 this year). Not to mention you are still studying..

semoga berbahagia hingga ke anak cucu, and hopefully you have a GREAT life together with her!!

ps: to all my friends that currently having boyfriends/girlfriends, I wanna ask, when are you guys getting married???


rsyazwani said...

hahaha HOW TRUE.
there goes another cute (good looking) guy.


and when is MINE gonna (atleast) say hi to me (???)
hahaha i dunno about guys reading this.. bt to have (married) a good looking guy is most of the girls' dream!

and Sari's dream come true!


blessed both of them! :) semoga kekal ke anak cucu...

rean said...

Yep, having a good looking guy is every girls dream.

so does marrying to a hot girl is most guys dream.

hahahha! man, their children gonna be damn cute, and damn pretty.. tapi I'm not keen of seeing little them right now. It's just too much.. XD

ala Raje, it will happen when it happen. so don't worry about it too much.. (sebenarnye bagi nasihat kat diri sendiri gak.. XD)

aisyah said...

eh, here's another single-ton mencomment issue ini..



and its so darn hard to not feel a bit of jealousy walaupun xkenal si encik luqman ini.

ok single-tons, lets gear up for some vacation :)

rean said...

hahaha! jealous because he's married ke?

it's hard not to. especially after seeing videos of him and sari (after they got marriedla..). Sweet giler.. hahahahahahaha!!!!!


Yeah!! let's go for a vacation and hope for a holiday romance! wohoo!!!

(i'm that pathetic... XD)

aisyah said...

arlingga ada.. sila la mengorat :)

rean said...

ko nak aku kena bunuh ngan intan pe?

rsyazwani said...

omg dude(SSS).. we should do that shouldnt we??

The quest of finding the true one - you guys' version.

The quest of having as much as possible relationship(SSS) in 3 weeks - mine.


letttsssssss do it!!!

shuold we go to Japan?? hahah :P

rean said...


nak cuci mata.

err.. aisyah is searching for the ONE. i'm searching for someone that's not too clingy. and you can have as many boys as you like. hahahaha!

it's gonna be fun. XD

Kencana Si Rawi said...

Macam2 lar kak Rean nieh~!

rean said...

hahaha! ni namanye perasan bajet takde keje! hahahahahaha~