Apr 15, 2009

The Pogung Ballad: Part 2

I moved out to a new house last February, with two housemates, Yasmin and Wannab. Our new house is situated in Pogung Dalangan, only 15 minutes walk to campus, but 10 minutes walk to main road... thank god for the bike!

Out of the three, I'm the oldest, followed by Wannab and Min.

And, in the matter of maturity (more like acting your age), Wannab wins. She's patient, responsible and focused on the task. Unlike me, who is easily distracted by anything, and not to mention easily bored... hahahaha!!!

The new house is nice, despite my room not having door handle on the inside (I managed to make it CRUMBLED, not broke it, mind you, crumbled it to pieces), Min's room leaked terribly (it's fixed, but still have occasional drops...), inaccessibility of internet (due to our "friendly" neighbor who refused to let the internet cable passed above his roof), and the permanently out bulb in the bathroom. I painted my room yellow and bright green, while Wannab and Min decided to paint the house (and their rooms ) purple and pink. Very girlish, and funky (my room is funky).

Since the rooms were bare when we arrived, we took the liberty to decorate it as we wish. A lot of thoughts, planning and sweating involved. Not to mention the money spent. I managed to get broke one month after I got my scholarship money. Argh. As usual, my room is full of anime posters, books and junks. No beds, just a thick springed mattress, two wardrobes, a study table, two racks (one is full of books, and the other is full of junks), a laundry basket, and the focus of the room, an acoustic GUITAR, which I hardly touched.

Our living room is bare minimum, we have couches, left by previous tenant I presume, which are old, dusty and torn here and there. A cute new fridge (cost us around Rp 1.3 million...) that is always full of weird stuff, my old tv, and a ps2 plus a DDR dance pad (the girls love it! They come to visit us, and danced to HSM songs...)

Then there's the garage cum ampaian (where we parked two scooters and a bike and hang our clothes, duh!), washing area, kitchen, and a small garden which is tended by someone (we suspected the house owner paid him because somehow she knew that we won't take good care of her garden). Yep, it's a nice house, just nicely fit us three (and we only have 3 bedrooms), even though it's a bit hidden and surrounded by bigger houses left, right, front and back...

Meanwhile, I got myself a new hangout buddy, Zul. After hanging out with him for around 2 months or more (or less), he got himself a girlfriend. Fantastic. And his girlfriend is currently staying in Malaysia. Just great. Now everytime I hang out with him, I'll feel guilty for going out with someone's boyfriend. Argh! I have to find a new hang out buddy, fast. Preferably someone who can ride a bike, have great sense of direction, not afraid of going out late at night, and has no problems in mindless riding. Anyone??

I still stalked Jern like a paparazzi stalked a celeb. But not as intense as before. Bored maybe?

Haih, I still have strong dislike over Pathology Anatomy. Help!


rsyazwani said...

dude, fuckign pick me man...

aaaargh sucks not to be there.
when i read this post, i imagine me laying around and read all your comics or help you to draw anatomy stuff for you...

weh, GILA BEST !!!!


rean said...

pick you???
ape maksud ko?

draw anatomy best ke? hahaha! best kot if you're in the mood... anyway, are you even planning to come here again?

joegrimjow said...

better motokar dari moto

rsyazwani said...

yea, i said pick me to be your hang out mate or somethin...

and maybe i just like drawing alot.. so *shrugs

umm, i think i wanna go for your final year there.. even better if it's after you fin everything.. after you've shipped everything home.. so we could go somewhere, unless.. you gotta report duty asap. but definitely! i would wanna hang out there again..

for some reason, i look forward to meet everyone (there) again :)

rean said...

raje, YOU are my hangout buddy, when you're there. I mean, if you guys not here laa...

hey, lets do that! we can go hang out jogja before i say my last good bye.. and i don't think i'll be reporting for duty too soon... hahaha! nak break dlu!

joe, aku tak reti drive even tho aku ada lesen kereta. hahahaha!