Jan 22, 2012

End of another era part 2.

The most memorable year in my life. Third year was awesome. There's a lot of photographic evidence from this year, but I can only fit in a few into a 800 x 600 pixels of canvas.


Your love suffocate me
The cocoon that was warm
Is constricting me now
The bind that was comforting
Is now leaving marks on me

I’m yours I said once
And I truly mean it but your
Jealousy is too much I can’t
Take it
What is cute before had now
Become too creepy

Let me out
Let me out
I don’t want to be trapped
With your love no more

I’m not a fragile girl
That constantly needs you
I’m better than that
Let me go if you can’t take it

Your love is killing me
I’m afraid of you
This is not what we’re supposed
To be

Jan 21, 2012

End of another era.

19th January 2012.

I received my degree, along with it, a title. I'm officially a doctor.

I am, Dr Nur Raihana Nordin, M.D

And we're going to walk down this memory lane together, reflecting on what the hell happened to me, to us during the 5 years and a half in Yogyakarta.

The good times, the bad times, the sad times, the awesome times. I am going to miss late night hanging out. I am going to miss spending hours in coffee shops. I am going to miss riding my beloved scooter. I am, going to miss the company.

I love you. All of my friends. I love you :)

Jan 20, 2012


I’m tired of this world
Too many things I couldn’t control
Too many things I couldn’t achieve
Too many things I couldn’t accept

I need a break from this world
A getaway from it all
I’m sick of the materialistic ways
That makes the life go round

Shouldn’t it be okay if I’m not pretty?
Shouldn’t it be okay if I’m not rich?
Why should it matter if I’m bloody famous
When my heart is as dark as coal?

The superficial cocoon I created
Is now finally eating me outside in
The values I held highly before
Are now leaving my heart empty

Jan 16, 2012


Your face came up
I stare
Flurry of other faces
I waited
You again
I blush.



Life is like finding a good pair of heels
You’ll have to have an idea
Before you go searching for one
Hunting from shop to shop
Just to find the perfect pair
“This one looks delish, but the color won’t do”
“Ah, this pair! Just fabulous! What? It doesn’t have my size?”
“This one is just too high, I might topple over”
“Oh look at that pretty baby, too bad it’s a hassle to wear”
Then you tried, and tried
Walk in it
Matched it with your outfit
Then you bought it
Some shoes, are comfortable
Only in the shop
And you despaired, wasting money
On shoes you know you’ll never wear
Others stayed true
And a pleasant to walk in.

Jan 15, 2012

Teddy Has The Cutest Face of Them All

Fuckin' cute

What I did last year

Cheesy Giraffe

Glamorous Zebra

Sweet Chiyoko

Blue Teddy

Ink-stained Usagi

Scary Poppy

More books.

I want more. This is not enough.

My Secret Love

My Secret Love

I pretend not to notice you
But I watched you intensely
I pair you up with everybody
But silently I wished it would be me

I hide my jealousy behind smily face
And my longings behind childish banter
I do everything I could just to forget you
Still you're always on my mind

It hurts to be your friend
I bet it hurts more to be your best friend
I know you see me, but you don't notice me,
At least not the way I want it to be

Oh you are my best kept secret
Nobody knows, nobody even guessed it
Except those I opened my heart to
Not even you, especially not you

Jan 14, 2012

Say Hello.

How are you? I’m good over here. Been more than year since I really blogged. I’m sorry, life caught up with me. It wasn’t hectic per se you see, more like; I have no drive to write. None whatsoever. Maybe because I was happy (happy still), or maybe because there’s so much same shit in my life, it’s not worth mentioning anymore.

Reviewing back my entries, why the hell did I blogged for then? I didn’t write anything interesting, nor am I writing anything significant. What are in this blog are just some things that happened in my life, maybe you’re familiar with it, and maybe you don’t. But all in all, it’s just my perspective on things.

I lost my words.