Jul 10, 2009


I baked a cake today.
it's called, Chocolate Orange Cake without Eggs.
or something like that.
basically, chocolate cake, with orange juice and without eggs inside.

here's the pic..

well... it doesn't look too yummy, does it?
i don't really cook, and this is my third attempt on baking.

i'll try something else, later~

Jul 8, 2009

Home sweet home~

I'm already back in Malaysia for 8 days.
And still haven't gone anywhere, except to the malls in Banda Hilir.
Since I'm out most of the time in Jogja, staying cooped up in my house really strained my patience.
I have no transport, my mom gives me curfews, and I had to wait up for my little brother to come back before I can go anywhere. By the time he reached home, half of the day is already gone...

But its all still good. For one thing, I can cut down my spending. Meaning, I only buy things that I need, without having to pay for food and transport. Oh yeah, my younger brother is my chauffeur~

My mom had this penchant of keeping me at home. I mean, she reluctantly allows me to go out, even when she's not around. What a girl supposed to do home alone? Doing house works? Dream on! Not me! So I spent time in front of the pc (thank god for the internet!), playing games, watching teevo and sleeping.... hemm... the routine looks similar when I'm in Jogja, isn't it? XD

Anyway, can't wait for Friday to come~
Aisyah will be here, and on Saturday, we'll both go to KLIA together to catch a plane to Kota Kinabalu!!

OMG!! I'm so excited!!!!

Jul 5, 2009


I really need to stop hanging out with my hang out buddy...
He’s a bad influence.

Last Friday (26 June 2009), a day after our block 18 exam, he asked me to go to Solo with him. I said ok. I’m bored, and the ride only took 1 hour from Jogja. But since I’m kinda broke, I told him that he’ll have to pay for the fuel, and I’ll pay for the food. So, okayla… Not much spending on my part.

The last time we went to Solo, he told me that he wants to visit a place called Tawangmangu, only at that time I heard it as Taman Mangu (okay… they sound similar). What’s in Taman Mangu, I asked. He said that it’s similar to Kaliurang (it’s kinda like Cameron Highland, minus the veggies and flowers). Oh, then there’s ride to the top without any walking needed. I don’t mind much, if there’s no walking involve. My calves ached from 2-hour straight swimming. Besides, I’m not the one who’s driving my trusted blue Suzuki Spin 125 cc whim I called Ken. He’s the one. I just had to sit at the back and enjoy the scenery, and singing along to my mp3 player.

Or so I thought.

Not only the ride took around 2 hours, which was when we arrived to TaWANGmangu (I figured out what it called after reading the signboards), plus he didn’t know where the hell is that place. We had to rely on signboards (that’s like chipsmore cookies, now it’s there, now it’s gone…) and instinct. Then suddenly he said he wanted to go to a waterfall that’s there. I was like, okaayyy…

Waterfall = walking

NOOOO!! I didn’t agree to this!

After Friday prayer (my first Friday prayer ever), we went to that waterfall, Grojongan Sewu (that name is so Javanese, there’s no mistaking where the hell are we).

First thought, HELL! It's gonna be a long walk down...

and I'm correct.

It was a long, winding road, infested with MONKEYS!!! Do becareful, don't ever, ever do anything stupid like feeding the monkeys....

Then we saw the waterfall... suddenly I think, it was worth the walk... (it's not that far, really, around 5 minutes walk.. XD)

We spend some time exploring the area...

yeah, yeah.. pose bajet cute...

monkey-infested bridge...

I took this picture behind a professional photographer.. kira aku curik angle dia la neh.. XD

kalau tengok betul-betul, ada orang dating kat situ.. hahaha~

let's go home...

After the waterfall, we went to Solo Square.. then dinner at Sego Penyetan near Depok Sports Center with JERN!!! (three of us... there's no way Jern's going to have dinner with only me... haihh..)

Arrived home around 9pm... so much for being able to be back before maghrib la kann~