Jun 6, 2009

It needs to stop

I cant take it anymore, this thing.

It will break me, sooner or later, I know.

This feeling, will be canned, and burned.

Bye bye.

Three years is long enough.

hup. Emo time is over. I'm back in business. All those nonsense of quitting, is now over...

I will follow this thing until it's through. Until it's over.

There will only be one answer, Success, or Squashed.

and I WILL prevail.

Jun 1, 2009

It was like a waltz, mysterious....

Confession: I am a hopeless romantic. I watched too many romance anime, and I read too many romance novel (though I only own a few, I sponged the rest off Erica and Farina.. LOL!).

Now I'm watching Honey and Clover. I know, I know, I'm like 4-5 years late off the anime, but what the hell!!

sweet giler!!!

Reread Tenshi Nanka Janai (I'm Not an Angel) a few days ago. No matter how many times I read it, Akira/Midori never fails to touch my heart... huaaa~~ I so want a boyfriend like Akira!! Ren pun okay gak, cause he's funneh... XD. But I don't want Koizumi George cause he's a manwhore. XD

oh yeahh!! balik rumah, nak cari lagi anime jiwang yang best.. and maybe truly follow NANA. And I want to listen to Laruku (the father band of all jiwangness) and X-JAPAN (the founder of japanese jiwangness) all day long~

cepatla cuti....

//Nee, nandakke sagashiteita mono?//
Hey, what was it that we were looking for again?//
-Waltz, Suneohair
Hachimitsu to Kurova
Honey and Clover