Jun 1, 2009

It was like a waltz, mysterious....

Confession: I am a hopeless romantic. I watched too many romance anime, and I read too many romance novel (though I only own a few, I sponged the rest off Erica and Farina.. LOL!).

Now I'm watching Honey and Clover. I know, I know, I'm like 4-5 years late off the anime, but what the hell!!

sweet giler!!!

Reread Tenshi Nanka Janai (I'm Not an Angel) a few days ago. No matter how many times I read it, Akira/Midori never fails to touch my heart... huaaa~~ I so want a boyfriend like Akira!! Ren pun okay gak, cause he's funneh... XD. But I don't want Koizumi George cause he's a manwhore. XD

oh yeahh!! balik rumah, nak cari lagi anime jiwang yang best.. and maybe truly follow NANA. And I want to listen to Laruku (the father band of all jiwangness) and X-JAPAN (the founder of japanese jiwangness) all day long~

cepatla cuti....

//Nee, nandakke sagashiteita mono?//
Hey, what was it that we were looking for again?//
-Waltz, Suneohair
Hachimitsu to Kurova
Honey and Clover


rsyazwani said...

hahaha i loveeee honey and clover!!
is that George in Paradise Kiss??
i like him too. hes so damn cold its hot. haha

bt yeah. dont get me wrong. im not an anime freak or anything.

really :|

rean said...


You're not an anime freak. you just watched anything that's out on Animax, didn't you?

Yep, George from ParaKiss.. who else? lately my anime/manga dream guys always come from Yazawa Ai's characters.

haihh.. i wanna watch Honey and Clover dorama~