Jun 6, 2009

It needs to stop

I cant take it anymore, this thing.

It will break me, sooner or later, I know.

This feeling, will be canned, and burned.

Bye bye.

Three years is long enough.

hup. Emo time is over. I'm back in business. All those nonsense of quitting, is now over...

I will follow this thing until it's through. Until it's over.

There will only be one answer, Success, or Squashed.

and I WILL prevail.


Anonymous said...


jgn buat benda bodoh rai....

apa2 msg aku!


rean said...

dont worry..

rsyazwani said...

hahaha i dunno u actually thought of quitting??


dude, SOMETIMES, it's not us to determine what will happened to us, but what to do with the time that has been given to us.


so chill.

rean said...

thanks raje. XD

but i've decided to follow it through.

don't worry.