May 19, 2009


I am soooo tired.
Current block: Neurology and Psychiatry..

We have classes from 7am - 4pm nonstop almost daily.... with labs in between...

Like today, I had tutorial at 8-10, then 2 hours of lectures, skills lab for another two hours, and then lectures until 4.

Similar schedule yesterday, with Pharmaco lab at 8. Tomorrow will be the same. but i decided to be the bad girl and skipped the 7am lecture... I'll only come at 10 am... huhu..

Right now, I feel like a jell-o. halp!


rsyazwani said...

berdarahhhhhhhh mata aku nk bukak... at 7am !!!! ahahah

rean said...

ohhh~ aku slalu skip lecture 7 am!! hahahahah!

aisyah said...



waow. 9am pun cm gila aku nk g.