May 2, 2009

How to not feel guilty for not studying during exam time

This always happens to me. It is during week 6 that I usually have tons of (unimportant) things to do, and frequent long dinners. Just to escape the fact that I still haven’t finished reading my (tons of) notes or do any of the (stacks of) past years. Tonight, I’m planning to watch X-Men Origin while knowing fully that my paper will be on fakken Tuesday at 10 am.


Okay. So here are a few tips I made to not feel guilty for watching movie tonight.

  1. Study at least one lecture before going out.
  2. Convince yourself that you deserve this movie (plus long dinner) because you had just finished the stupid Pathology Anatomy exam.
  3. Try and do at least 10 questions from the past year.
  4. Do not discuss about exam with friends while out.
  5. Promise self to study non-stop for the next three days. No long lunch, and a long dinner is a definite no-no.
  6. Last but not least, never ever forget you still have exam on Tuesday. Just in case tonight fun drags to tomorrow and the day after….

Actually, I rarely feel guilty for not studying... hahaha! But since I promised myself to take third year very seriously, I’m trying to feel guilty for not studying…not guiltyla.. more like PANICKING!

So, any other additions for my list?

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