Feb 9, 2008

me and my phone

celebrating the new year, i bought myself a new handphone..


the truth is i had to buy a new phone because my old one keep acting up. i've been using nokia 6610 for nearly three years, and it's not a new phone when i got it. i'm kinda mad having to change to another phone, since i've been saving up to buy a new mp3 player. so no mp3 player, but new phone. Gahhh!!

seriously, buying the phone itself is kinda lame story. my brothers and i went to tesco to buy the phone, keep on browsing which one that's worth the money since my budget is kinda small, only rm580. i just want an mp3 phone, with the focus on sony ericsson w series phone, not minding whether it's the latest model, or one that had been out two or three years before.

my brother, well, he wanted me to buy the latest model. latest sony e (i'll refer sony ericsson as sony e) w series phone is the w850i i think. and it cost around rm 700++. definitely out of my budget. so the nearest is sony e k550i. at first i don't want it, since it's k series, not w series. but after seeing my brother's face (dia dah tarik muka masam dah..si asyraf tuhh..grr), i gave in. i said, "okay, okay, whatever phone you think best".

so we decided to buy the phone. i took out my purse, gave out the money, just to find out i'm rm50 short. seriously! i was so sure i had rm580 in my purse!!damn!so we had to drive back home (thank god it's so near, and melaka don't have a lot of traffic) and i asked mom for another rm50 (now she officially supported me rm250).then asyraf and amir went back to buy the phone.
and here's when they tricked me. they came back home with the handphone box, without the phone inside, telling me that they've forgotten to take it. and they promised to take it tomorrow. of course i panicked!the receipt had been given, what if the shop refuse to give us the phone? then my rm585 would just fly out of the window just like that!and the next day is the chinese new year eve. what if asyraf couldn't make it in time to get the phone?that means i had to wait 6 months before i can use my brand new phone...

asyraf only gave me back my phone after he finished his training at 4 pm the next day. that ass of a brother!!! XD XD XD
oh yeah, here's the picture of sony e k550i:

oh by the way, this is not exactly the picture of my phone..i took it from random site. but since it look exactly the same (i bought the white one too..XD), so it's forgivable, rite?


aisyah. said...

I miss having u around gf! ;P welcome back!!! ;P

rean said...

thank you thank you!!!>.<

raje said...



god, i wish i was ther!!!


good one!

anyway congrates! only now i get to read the details of ur story. and its lovely!

p.s. who knows how dope you can be! HAHAHAHAHAH

rean said...

shadap raje....XD