Nov 3, 2008


i feel lonely.
i got friends.
but not a clique.
i need to be a part of clique. hiks

maybe i just need another vacation
but maybe, i need to start to be part of the crowd,
instead of building an invisible cocoon around me.


cleo weiland said...

Being part of a clique isn't always a good thing, trust me. I'm part of a gang of six girls and somehow we always find time to bitch behind each other's backs. Because you can't please everyone.

Hang in there.

rean said...

that hurts more. being close, and yet hurting one another. honestly saying, i kinda miss my old school friend. we don't bitch behind each others back, we bitch right in front.

anyway, thanks cleo...

aisyah. said...

i pun rasa i need to be part of a clique.. it gets lonely sometimes kan? huhuu