Nov 1, 2008

living life

lately i've been snapping pictures with ma new camera, olympus u850 SW.
and mostly, are junk pictures. plus, i've been dubbed as paparazzi (or mamarazzi) due to my tendency of snapping pictures of a classmate of mine.
apa leh buat..dia cute dalam gambar pe! XD XD

mr j yg sedang membuka beg

anyways, i'm supposed to be busy, but i'm too lazy to be busy.. daym..
keje berlambak, eg, the yearbook, the seminar, and of course my monthly writings for FIKIR.
yet i see me sleeping all day long, shopping, and do nothing. hahahaha!

ah well. all is well.

it's better to be too busy than having too much idle time in my hands.

too much time leads to too much thinking. and as i said before, too much thinking hurts me so.

until then guys!


aisyah. said...

hehehehe.. mamarazi betul...

yeah, too much thinking kills. sile lihat my new post tu, tu contoh too much thinking mwahaha

SpidEy d'lEfty said...

Olympus u850 tu~~~ wah... cube slap it on the rock and sink it into mud..

cube lah cubelah..

memandangkan ko nih agak takder kerje.. :P ..

aTai a.k.a ALbRight ZepHyr said...

apela perasaan dier kalo dier tau ko letak gamba dier kat cni..hurm(thinking...)

rean said...

hahahaha!! aku kan stalker yg berjaya! anak murid anet n lie apa! don't want to think too much. nnti aku yg sakit hati... XD

weyh!! tu menjahanamkan camera namanyer!! tamau, nnti mak aku bunuh aku..

btw, yg takde keje tu kau, bukan aku! XD

dia dah takde perasaan kot!! hahaha! slalu sgt.. dlm fb pun aku upload gambar dia pe!

rajeeee said...

i wanted a new camera too.
bt i wait, and wait, and wait.
and i dunno for fucking what!


i think u and Mr J (yea.. totally wtf??) is cute. and i cant say this on Facebook !! saba jela.. haha


p.s. i think he knew Everything dowh. its obvious no?

rean said...

dear raje,

maybe you waited for the dslr to cost less than rm3000?? XD XD

hey, mr j is our secret codename for jern (syazwan n me). waaa!! you think me n him cute?
*i don't blush, it's not my style*

p.s: yeah, i think he knew. but since i don't expect from him anything, he just let me be. XD

rajeee said...

holycrap ok.
blushing-is-not-my-style my ass !
you shouldve seen ur face when we eat dinner together with Atai.


(the boobs are in action! ahah)

oh no no. not dslr. i think u gonna be surprised! ;)

rean said...


the boobs!! XD

anyways, videocam??

aisyah. said...

u guys and ur boobs ni kan...

rean said...

bukan aku. cik raja syazwanilaa!