Oct 25, 2008

happy (belated) birthday!

my friends gave us october girls (Ida, Gaya and me) a birthday party.
it turns out to be a surprise on me.

ida's name is missing

at first i thought azree had invited me for dinner, since lately, i've been having dinner with his housemates and him. but when i arrived at the Foodfest, i was quite shocked to see 15 of my friends around.

eagerly waiting in front of the cake


the surprise was superb. and the cake delicious.

the celebrated birthday girl. even if today isn't my birthday. XD

thanks Mad for organizing it!
and to all October girls, happy birthday! XD


aisyah. said...


i wish ssgt that i can be there and organise it for u (=

but xpe, when we ada the masa and the time together...

happy belated birthday girlfriend.

rean said...

girl, if it's october, i doubt you'll be the one organizing!
we'll be too happy splurging our money with the excuse of buying ourselves birthday present!

i so wanna spent our birthday together..dah brapa tahun ekk??

hehe, thanks girlfriend@
and happy belated birthday to you too XD

SpidEy d'lEfty said...

Happy belated birthday !!! Aku kt Dubai nih...tunggu transit.

rean said...

thank you!!
going to Dubai, now?
work or pleasure?
can i have a souvenir? XD XD

Kurt Kuden said...

owh ehh
reann sorrryy x wish
happy belated :)

rean said...

eh, takpe kuden! hang tak tau pun kan? XD

aPuN said...

hapi basday

rean said...

tima kaseh apun! XD

laksamana sunan said...

selamat hari lahir...
dah byk ke umor tu...?
moga pjg umur...dimurahkan rezeki yg baik2...
moga jadi anak yg solehah...
moga tercapai cita2 as a doctor...
doctor yg berpegang pada nilai2 etika islam tau!!!
rock tatap rock...

rean said...

umor..takleh tanya! hahahaha!!
terima kaseh atas segala doa...

nak tau tak bila birthday org?
time cuti raya dua minggu aritu..