Nov 24, 2008

taking my mind off the exam

Exam’s tomorrow. As a person who has trouble coping with stress, I did what I knew best, avoiding it.

One way of avoiding is having a good dinner at some far off place. Okay, it’s not that far, I’m just exaggerating. The dinner consists of sotong asam pedas, ikan bawal bakar and kangkung goreng. Sounds a lot, right? It is a lot, even for two ( I went with Intan).

Another way of running away from exam is by pondering over silly things. Like, why do condoms have various flavour. I saw a strawberry-flavoured Durex condom when I was paying for my candy. Talk about coincidence. Being a curious girl that I am, I proceeded to ask a good friend of mine on the mystery of flavoured condoms. He said that it’s for enhancing sexual pleasure, to mask the taste of latex during blowjobs. I said eww.

Yeah, I was feigning innocence. But it was fun asking those kinds of questions. It made me laugh when I read his replies on Y!M.

Hooo, yeah I’m evil.

To top of this sexual-laced entry, a Y!M status of a friend of mine,

“Hoh, *anonymous gila seks, x caye?tanye bdak yg len”

*name changed to protect privacy.



gMah said...

hahaha i know whose status is dat.dang!!

rean said...

I even IM him for the full status. Only remembered the "gila seks" part.


aisyah. said...

hoi... bukan baru buat 'i am a gud girl' post ke?

raje said...

ans me,
(if you cant, you can ask your friend)
why the heck you'd need a condom when doing a bj??

or u meant, a bj after the intercourse? (to cover the latex taste)


rean said...

i failed to ask my friend about that.
maybe to prevent sperm spurt into mouth during ejac. who knows?

a bj after intercourse??

aisyah. said...

i can answer that..

sbb sexual transmitted disease.

My studies of STD and the external genital has really put me off..

rean said...

would you have it with someone who's suffering from gonorrhea?


aisyah. said...

babe, who i want to see naked pun selective, nak do it with someone with gonnorhea lak.

zatihazira said...

u ni funny lah rean. :p

rean said...

thanks zati XD

raje... said...

i tot u guys watch porn like ALL the time... not to mention Looking (even touching??) at it in the real world..
so when you give the "eurgh" "euwww" expression, it puzzled me.

if this is to cover ur real identity abt this issue rean, im not buying it. haha

p.s. yea you can vent ur angst to me in YM. it can animated - thus more satisfying. haha

rean said...

hey, i don't watch porn all the time. only one time, kay?
but i read hentai manga.


bj after intercourse is ewww. too much bodily fluid. and gonorrhea is eurgh, it's just gross. and it has nothing to do with porn... XD

aisyah. said...

i bukan nak be two-faced,

but i think that this conversation is so gross....


rean said...

i agree.