Sep 1, 2009

Anti-Malaysia Sentiment

Yesterday I posted about there's no anti-Malaysia sentiment movement in Jogja.
Well friends, I stand corrected.

This morning, there was a demonstration by students from Politic Social Faculty. With the same haet message: Malingsia.

Wtf man!

Of course we share a lot of similar culture! We are urm.. what is serumpun in English? XD
But that was aaaaaaaaaaaages ago! A lot of Javanese migrated here, not to mention Bugis, Malays from Sumatera, lalalaa~

But the students from Politic Social, well guys, your demo is one day too late. You're supposed to do it yesterday, during our Independence Day... guess you're never really that alert to things that don't revolve around you, huh? And you call yourself Politic students? tsk tsk tsk...


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