Sep 19, 2009

raaaaaage: real rage

Some Malay guys have unreasonable expectant on women.
They expect their women to be beautiful, gentle, smart, assertive, obedient, will speak their own mind and willing to stroke their egos.

Oh, and not to mention, to have superhuman strength and stamina.

Basically a first class girl, when they themselves mostly are first class jerk and third rate men. >.>

Who in the right mind, would ask a full-time working woman, to do all the house chores after coming back from her work, cook, take care of the children, "layan" the husband and whatever shitload of work? Must be some madmen under the delusion that girls are robots that do not tire.

Dammit guys! Just because you think (think because I bet you never tried doing it) that you can do it, don't expect the girls to do it!

Okay, okay, not all guys are like that, you said. Yes, I agree... that's why I said, SOME MALAY GUYS! Why Malay guys? Because I grew up around Malays.. and I am a Malay, my friends are mostly Malays, and my brothers' friends are Malays too.

What makes you think that I'm capable of replacing the shitload heavy carpet while having to move around a fuck heavy love seat, a OMG-I-can't-believe-I've-got-to-move this sofa and a coffee table?

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