Sep 1, 2009


Sentimen anti-Malaysia?
Entah. Kat Jogja takde plak.... XD.

We were never been denied(?) to celebrate Independence Day. In fact, every 31st August, we will hold a celebration in campus. Maybe not as huge ass as it is in back home, but yeah we hung Malaysian flag, sang Negaraku and all other patriotic songs....

And had the juniors to perform for us. Which for me, is the best part. Hehe, all those silly acts from the juniors XD

this year we had a short sketch, a musical, a fashion show, and another one is undefinable >.>;;

and i had this cute junior sitting next to me during the performances, going thru his audio/video arrangement with me...
(his name is Jack btw, Captain Jack Sparrow >.>;;)

Anti-Malaysia? only present during futsal/basketball match against us... and used by retarded students only. the cool ones don't even bother~

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