Aug 27, 2009


I went to see you today
Just to confirmed what I felt yesterday
And the days before

I sensed changes in you
But I refused to believe my eyes
Deluding myself with petty illusions

I’m afraid to look at you directly
Because I don’t want to know
What exactly you’re thinking

What signs you gave
I would not understand
Or is it just because I do not want to?

Please don’t leave me
I would not beg directly
I’m too proud for it

Love me unconditionally
I will not ask for it
I don’t think I deserve it

I tried my antiques today
But they didn’t have the same effects
As they did yesterday

Have you really gone far?
Have you really left me?
Have I no meaning for you anymore?

Yet in my heart I know
The answers to my questions
Even if I denied them

The truth I do not want to see
The past I wanted to stay
The future I cannot escape

It’s eating me inside out
Even so, I can't let you go.


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