Aug 15, 2009

Word Jumbo Sales

Today, I’m going to post random things I found in my sketch book. Most of them will not make any sense and I suspect, 90% of them were left hanging by yours truly…


We are fated to be enemies
Both are on the other side of destiny
Our meeting will bring destruction
To us and the world around

And yet, I can’t stop my heart from loving you
- inspired by Sugar Sugar Rune

I am lost without you
How am I supposed to live without you
Would I betray you if I love somebody else?
- Inspired by life events

You are the epitome of perfection
I wish you’re dead
- My wishful thinking…

This is a set of three

1. And I carved your face
In stone
Just to smash it to smithereens

2. Will it satisfy me to carve out my heart and burn it to ashes?

3. How many times do I have to cut myself just to see it bleed?

All of these are separates, unless otherwise stated

I poured all my dreams in you
When it’s over, I felt blissfully empty

There’s no life worth dying for
If I found it, I’ll gladly gave my soul for it

I hide myself for fame
But it consumed me

I can’t see myself without the other


I think boredom

Will one day

Finally kill me

You haunt my being

Everything I do, reminds me of you

I can’t even start anew

Somehow, loving you

Destroys me too

Until now, I still chase after you
- Inspired by d.n.j.h

Never you, always me

And I’ll gladly give my love to something

That will not break my heart

- L’Arc~en~Ciel-centric…

darkness consumed me, hence inspired all these words...