Aug 10, 2009

holidays and new semester


One week had passed since I officially became a fourth year. FOURTH FREAKING YEAR??

It seems like yesterday, when i first arrived to Jogja. and i can still vividly remember the "horrors" of orientation week.

The Bali trip, my dad's sickness and his death, the terrible break-up, my crushes on two guys at the same time, PKPMI-CY projects, sienkrutz formation.....

All the time just flies... and before I know it, I'm gonna be 23 this year, and I'm a super senior...

and that, sounds OLD. -_-;;

Few things happened during the holiday season:
  1. i went to Kota Kinabalu with Aisyah
  2. shopping
  3. Went to JB to see Aisyah
  4. Went to Singapore with Aisyah
  5. Hangout with Anet, Raje, Achot, Kuzi, Jet, Alia and Ros
  6. I met Zul's girlfriend, Ida
  7. and spent hours on irc...
  8. i even volunteered to be a cleaner of a scanlation group, shi-ki~
and now, i'm so over Jern. hahaha! XD
one week has passed, and i've just started working on my proposal. haish~ XD
but i think, i'm gonna be stronger this semester, no more depressed episodes, no more thoughts of quitting, no more self-belittling. because they say, that love, is a very powerful thing, and i'm lucky i have it at my side.

I know now, that I'm not alone~


rsyazwani said...

and please anticipate me coming next year xD

rean said...