Aug 14, 2009

Mitch and Cain: Part 3

Cain had always piqued her interest. He was friendly with boys and girls alike, joking with them all the time. There’s always smile on his face. However, there’s something about him that made her think there’s more to Cain than just a class clown. Okay, a class-clown with very cute face. With his charming grin and boyish face, plus his dare-devil bad boy way, it’s little wonder that Cain had unintentionally gained an array of fans. Since he treated them all nicely, his unofficial fan club only grew bigger day by day. Sadly, that made Cain off-limits to the girls.

Never one with the crowd, somehow the social rules weren’t implied on Mitch. No matter how outrageous her doings, she always got away without a scrape. Unintentionally, she kept under the radar, and when caught, she always looked so guilty, people just let her go. So when she approached Cain, none of the girls from the fan club gave her their famous “warning”.

She wished. Cain’s fan club members weren’t as forgiving as others. She was cornered after class the day she introduced herself to him. Surrounded by ten menacing looking girls, it did not scare her one bit. Disinterestedly, she stared off towards the scenery behind the girls while thinking of dinner. One girl broke the silence.

“Why did you approach Cain? Don’t you know he belongs to us?”

Inspecting her nails now, she purposefully ignored the question. Talking to herself, she walked out of the ring of girls, oblivious to the angry expressions. Two steps, and her bag was yanked by one of the girls. Taking off the earphone at her left ear, she turned deliberately toward the bag-puller.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Let go of my bag”

Naturally the puller refused, and yanked her bag harder.

“You know, they left me alone for a reason. And this bag is one of a kind. You can’t find it in stores anymore”

She wouldn’t budge. Her friends moved to close on Mitch once again. Sighing, she shrugged off her bag and sat cross-legged on the floor. Ten girls cowered over her, all with murder in her eyes. Mitch shook her head; these girls definitely do not know who they are messing with. She stood up again, dusted the sand off her back and spoke.

“Dudes, give me some space will you? I’m claustrophobic okay?”

That line made the girls closing tighter around Mitch. Smirking, they were making life as difficult as possible for Mitch. They thought they were doing rather great, since making life difficult was their specialty. But not today, today their world is going to be a bit different.

One of the girls started jabbing her fingers at Mitch. Instantaneously, ten fingers were poking her with varying speed and intensity. At the same time, they were yelling simultaneously at her. The jabbing soon turned to pushing, and Mitch was pushed around like an unwanted kitty. The yelling got worse, sentences spoken without stopping. Still Mitch let them, keeping her silence. Fervently she wished for a witness. When she was pushed against the wall, her prayers were answered. She got her witness.

A guy accidentally saw the little scene during his aimless stray. Letting the girls messed around with her a little bit more, Mitch managed to look like a victim in the little affair. After the guy left to call a teacher (the guys knew better than meddling with girls’ affairs), she punched the face of one of her tormentors.

The punched-out girl staggered back. Other girls gasped. Gingerly picking her bag that was left lying, Mitch spoke to the group:

“That is the main reason why the girls left me alone, and boys don’t affect me at all. Sorry dudes, you guys were no match for me. And as for Cain, I pity him for having you guys as his fans. He’s a good guy, and you manage to make him look bad. Too bad that doesn’t make me want to leave him alone. So if you want to continue our little chat, feel free to corner me again tomorrow, okay?”

With that, she walked out of the scene, just in time as the guy arrived with a teacher. Popping on her earphone back, she turned up the volume and sang along with the song from her mp3 player. She never noticed another person watching her from behind the wall. Nor did she notice the evil way he was grinning.

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