Dec 29, 2007

sometimes...i don't know why i bother..

yeah, you guys know how much i'm into manga and anime. in fact, the first thing you guys would describe as, besides being kinda weird, is i'm really into manga and anime (hence the reason why i'm weird).

well, even though i'm practically lived in fantasy land (yeah, manga and anime are fictions), i don't and i truly don't believe they are real.

and there's a fucking retard in my forum saying that his brother's real name is uchiha sasuke. he can't get his birth cert because retard Kakashi is holding it for him lest he'll lose it.


i'm just venting my anger at some underage kids who think they own the world and they know everything. and when people keep on telling them that they're wrong, they just think that we're discriminating them, and we don't understand.

i've been reading manga since i was 7 (doraemon is a manga guys), and never once do i think that Sha Gojyo is freakingly real and he's waiting for me somewhere just to get married to me. dreaming about it, yeah. but believing it's true, no. i'm not that stupid.

nor am i delusional.


raje said...

okay.. finally a post that i can comment on. the way u feel about football on my blog is the same feeling i have when u talk about manga. its like when u talk about it with anyone for that matter, i feel like im in an alienated world. i dont fooking get what u guys say!

i kind a get ur feeling. the uchiha sasuke thing u wrote makes me roll on the floor!!! HAHAH bloody kids. yea when we talk to about fantasies it's better to atleast imagining something which actually exist in this world eh?

so.. can i imagine that one day Fernando Torres will ask me for my hand? HAHHAHA

p.s. dont matter if u dont know him! i'll put up his face one day on my blog ;)

rean said...

yeah, it's okay to imagine Fernando Torres will ask for your hand!!
in fact, why don't we go fangirling over Torres together, enough that he will notice you?? XD XD