Dec 20, 2007


new maggi product i found through Google

the instant noodle brand that made my life. serious.
any malaysian that doesn't know what maggi is, well, i can just say, "YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS?!!"

i ate maggi when my mom's not cooking, or as a breakfast treat, or when i seriously don't have money, or just as midnight snack.

and not one of my friends had ever say no to a pack of maggi. everyone was always searching for it back in high school. seriously, it's always "wey, ko ada maggi tak?" or "eh, maggi ko rasa apa? tom yam ada?" it's such a treat eating maggi. we don't know why.

oh, we tried other brands. how we tried. from mi ruski, to mamee to whatever weird naming brand. but always, always we go back to maggi. always to two favourite flavour of all time, maggi kari and maggi tom yam.

maggi is like an addiction to us malaysian students. my friend's brother, bought maggi to stock it when he's in japan. aisyah got maggi stock. heck, even here, in jogja where everyone eat instant noodle, some of my friends (me included) asked our friends who went back malaysia to buy us at least a five-pack maggi package. bad huh?

and there's this ad i heard a while back on the radio, this guy, apparently pretty well to do, an adult, he'll always bring a pack of maggi when he travels abroad.

i miss maggi. serious. no indomie, kare, sarimie, abc, mi ruski, super, mamee with its "mi yg lebih kenyal", myojo, nissin (yes, even nissin, the grandfather of all instant noodle) can beat malaysian curry flavoured or tom yam flavoured maggi.



hirumi said...

oit rean.dekat czech ni lagi la susah nak carik maggi oi.ko patut bersyukur dekat je dengan malaysia utk carik maagi.dah berabad ko tau aku tak makan maggi.apa rasa maggi eh?ekeke

rean said...

haha..rasa maggi? apa ek..rasa sedap..bahagia...mcm dekat umah..ngahahahaha!!kesian ek org czech jarang dapat maggi? len kali kena bawak stok byk2 sket..:D

aisyah. said...

sedapnya MAGGI!!!!!!!! tp ku suka ruski tomyam! ;p

rean said...

aku suka jugak!! XD