Dec 5, 2007

you know you've been....

i do know that i'm considered poyo according to aisyah's list of poyoness (and if raje did a list of geekiness/nerdiness,i'll definitely be one). but what the heck!! haha!! i did this list right after i read Kagen no Tsuki (Last Quarter) manga....

  • your favourite brand is Vivienne Westwood
  • you think that sadomasochistic costumes of The Sex Pistols are sexy
  • you suddenly develop a sudden craving to wear ridiculously high platforms when you never even wear heels in your whole life
  • guys you like are able to play guitar, smoke, have bad boy attitude and definitely can't live without you
  • you learn to like punk rock music even though you were into something different before
  • you wanted to form a band
  • you like high fashion, those that can only be costumes, or worn on runways
  • your favourite band is Black Stone
  • you believe in soul mate, reincarnation and dead lovers watching over alive ones.
i realized i've been poisoned by yazawa ai after i've finished reading one of her manga, Last Quarter (there was a movie made based on this manga, hyde acted as the main male character). why i said i've been poisoned? i fall in love with Adam (the dead musician boyfriend) and Mizuki (the alive reincarnated girlfriend) relationship the way i'm into Ren/Nana (NANA) and George/Yukari (Paradise Kiss).

Adam and Mizuki

in this story, Adam/Mizuki have almost the same ending like George/Yukari. the only difference is Adam is dead, while George not. and yeah, Mizuki fell in love with the ghost Adam, while George, he went to Paris to continue his study in fashion and Yukari refused to follow him because her "career as a model has just started".

bad relationship ending! i'm hoping for Nana and Ren to have a happily ever after ending. it's nerve wrecking to see their unstable relationship!!! i'm rambling. sorry. and oh yeah, if you don't get it, just do what you guys always done, ignore it.


aisyah. said...

i cm gelak gila2 je!!!!! hahhha

raje said...

reading all ur post, all of the thing in the list seem to tick off.


the only thing that make sense in this post (for me) is the George/Yukari stuff. hey they are from the Paradise Kiss right? i watch it SOMETIMES. but hell George is gorgeous. okay thats handfull to type.

is YAZAWA AI a porn?

what..? im just asking.

rean said...

list buat sbb tader keje

YAZAWA AI is the mangaka/comic illustrator/creator of PARADISE KISS, NANA and Kagen no Tsuki.

she's so not a porn...XD