Oct 19, 2009

Bye Bye Anatomy~~

I never thought that there will be a day that I'll miss anatomy classes. But here am I, thinking that the classes would last much longer.


Thank God I decided to take third week subject, instead of settling for sixth week forensic. It has been fun, and gave me a whole lot new experiences. Not many can say they've dissected bodies, eh?

And the classmates, you guys are such a sport! I'm going to miss our class together...

Plus Dr Juned is as cute as always.. xD

Our small Dissection class...
(with Dr Juned at the middle)

wtf??? what kind of face am I making??? x_X

And that wraps up our Anatomy class... FOREVER!!! Well, at least until we graduated from here.. XD


Eldy said...

1st time here, which 1 is u ? :P

rean said...

definitely not the one on the far left xD