Nov 23, 2007

tell me again why i switched to blogspot?

well..this is just me trying to vent my anger at the slow connection from my internet provider to this site.

i switched blog from friendster to here coz it's like an impossible task for me to post a blog...i mean, loading takes forever!!and if that's not enough, then we'll have the "problem loading page" thingy showing right in front of my face.

example of how sucky my internet connection to friendster server is, i'm currently trying to read a friend's blog, and it's still loading after more than five pages of online manga. sucks, isn't it?

and i also have almost the same problem with blogspot, although not that severe. it's just that i'm having problems reading/posting comments. why is that happened i don't know. maybe it's due to the suckiness of my internet connection despite the amount i payed.. heck!!it's more expensive than streamyx, but the quality makes you wanna cry... to those who complain bout streamyx quality, please remember that us in indonesia we have to pay more than twice the price to get the same service quality.. DAMN!



aisyah. said...

hahaha.. rai, sian hang rai! padan la cm marah je kdg2.. uhukk..

rean said...

huaa...bukan sengaja pun..tapi yelaa dah bayar memahal..mesti ko expect good service kan?

raje said...

*laugh till dies*

hey comon, u have to understand, maybe the Great internet connection is something not that important in your place (not the whole indonesia). okay i know it sounds ridiculous. bt its true, ppl tend to give attention based on the priority list.


and you choosing blogspot.. do u know how many are on blogspot not including those with gmail acc! :D:D


hi aissyahhhhh!!!

rean said...

at least blogspot is better than friendster..hahaha!!