Nov 27, 2007

lessons learned from friends

i know i don't have the ability to write like raje. or even make my life sound interesting like aisyah. but i'll try my best to express the gratitude i felt over meeting my friends...

where should i start?
maybe i'll go with primary school friends..

when i was in primary school, i was one of the popular girls. well, kinda. i think. haha! maybe because we only have around 120 students per batch, and most of us has been in the same school from standard 1 until 6. what my primary school friends taught me:

  • you can get good friends regardless of academic results
  • prefects are mostly jerks (haha!i'm a prefect too.. :P)
  • don't mess with girls, we are scary
  • friendship doesn't last forever, but it does last for 11 years or more XD XD
  • then, i moved on to lower secondary school. made more friends, but mostly i hang out with my own crowd. and i'm not that popular in lower secondary..haha! maybe it is now i started showing my weirdness and my deviation from the crowds..most of my friends now are from same class, as we have less time socializing during school hours, and i don't get to meet my schoolmates outside school time. but here's what i got during my 3 years of lower secondary:

  • same interests can bind you through the barrier of languages, races and classes (all of my close friend during lower secondary are chinese, and they are from different class from me, i mean, school class, not social class)
  • boys can cause a huge war among girls (one of the reasons why i'm not close with the malay girls)
  • cliques are fun, but at the same time, cruel
  • crowds are for the popular, the boring, and the one without principles (haha!!kidding, kidding!)

  • time for upper secondary. and the girl who can't do anything tried to live on her own in a boarding school. me, who are used to living with guys (i got two brothers, and we're close) suddenly surrounded by girls, and gossips. girls do gossip a lot! but that's one of the fun part i guess..XD XD XD.. the lessons i picked up here:

  • don't let the crowd get you. high schools are cruel place, but people changed once they've left school.
  • being different is fun, unique and memorable. i mean, how many girls can claimed they've been chased by teacher for playing fireworks and mercun at midnight???
  • good friends are easy to find, if you know where and how. i got lots of good friends here, and we still contact each other.
  • guys held such a tight string over girls. most of girls perspective are shaped by guys (that's what i found out in high school)

  • wow! i've left school! now i'm in intec, preparing for my big debut in university. i still have lots of fun, and suddenly, guys are being good to me! here's what i find out:

  • good guys are easy to find. serious.
  • being yourself have a lot of benefits, i.e you don't know that the cute guy next door like wacky girls, nor do you know that the quite girl over there really likes hanging out with loudmouths.
  • looks can be deceiving. in a good way. you never know that the clever girl likes japanese music, or the macho looking guy has an obsession with manga and anime..
  • being active can broaden your perspective, and got you a vast diversity of friends. i mean, if i don't join the theater, do you think i can be that close to didi???

  • aahh..finally the time have come for me to enter the university...i have a lot of good friends here, and the lessons i've learned seems to repeat themselves.. so no new lessons learned except:

  • i didn't know seniors can be this interesting or this good to juniors!!!
  • older doesn't mean more mature. this apply to most male seniors.
  • actually, this post was meant to tell about all my close friends (especially aisyah and raje), but i don't know why it turned out this way..hmmm


    well, i think one of the best thing that had happened to me is to go to that boarding school. coz there i met a lot of wonderful persons (aisyah, raje, kuzi, anet, lie, mimi, wan ali, rezuan aspar, etc), and i learned to tone down my wackiness so i can survive in the harsh world of university life. and another best thing that happened to me was intec!! God, i basically partied everyday there!! XD XD XD. it was helluva fun, and damn interesting, with lots of different mix of people, unlike the boring life of my uni...hahaha!!

    but then again, if i don't come here, i wouldn't befriended all the siencrutz members, and intan, and syazwan, and jernih.. and i wouldn't be posting the picture of luqman in my blog..hmmmm... XD XD XD


    aisyah. said...


    sgt sweet!!! (;

    interesting life like aisyah? wah, that is a compliment!!

    huhu.. med students are a bunch or boring people!! ahahaha... Im not boring! Im static. ceh2

    rean said...

    yeah..kinda static, sbb berkisar dgn ib je =P

    aisyah. said...

    apa ni ttb nama ib masuk? ahaha...

    better static than go backwards kan?

    rean said...

    sapa yek yg go backwards?? XD XD XD