Nov 21, 2007

me,music,manga,anime .animecan i make an album out of these? like L.A.M.B of Gwen? it'll be like isn't it?
i'm just rambling bout two of my long time obsession and one currently added.
which one is which? manga and anime is long time, and music is just current. suddenly i felt like i wanna explain why i'm obsessed with all these three. let's roll!!

first manga that caught my attention:

DRAGON BALL. serious. it was the Dragon Ball. all 43 volumes of it. storyline and illustration by Akira Toriyama, it's considered as one of the legendary manga series. you can still find the merchandise of Dragon Ball up until now. serious. i'm not kidding..even tho Goku probably be a real old man by now... why i like it? action-packed and uncluttered drawing. i's one of the few manga without much of unneeded screen tone every where. well..even tho in DBZ the story becomes draggy and worst in GT...but it's the anime's fault!!not the manga!! the manga was cool even until the last box where Goku flew off to godforsaken where to train with the reincarnated Majin Buu.

first anime that caught my attention:

can't remember..honestly i can't remember...i think might be Fruits Basket or Full Metal's not really the first anime that caught my attention, its more like the anime that got me back to watching animes. i stopped watching any after the disappointment in Chinese-dubbed Saiyuki shown in 8TV. the dub was horrible, with crappy subtitle, i'd rather kill myself than watching that shown on tv. why can't they just leave the original japanese and dubbed it in bahasa melayu?? hearing sha gojyo speaking chinese in that horrid, horrid voice was just pure torture....

first music that make me go crazy:

L'Arc~en~Ciel. need i to explain more?? i fell in love with the album REAL, and then..wham!there's no turning back. period. the music, pulled me into a world called J-Rock (japanese rock) and convert me to a hardcore fan girl. notice the word : "HARDCORE". because of L'Arc, i'm into other bands like UVERworld and ORANGE RANGE. two totally different bands with music so different from L'Arc. heck i even took music lessons because of this band! i started writing my "things" due to influences of the lyrics written by them...aarghh!!


aisyah. said...

aaaaa... lamagila i cari butang nk bg comment, dah 2hari tau! heee...

ko mmg gila anime, manga and music jepun, tp aku terima je ko seadanya. hehe..

rean said...

hehe...terpakselaaa!! nak buat mcm mana!lgpun aku kan baru start gila music jepun in the past three years!!