Nov 20, 2007

i fall in love with the kiss... guys didn't read it wrong.. i fell in love with the kiss.. kiss given by 4 very much older guys, and i absolutely obsessed with all of them.

haha!! kay,kay!! i'm cutting the crap!

first, i'm talking bout L'Arc~en~Ciel...the band that you see at my links..yes, it's a band, not just some random videos uploaded. for those who don't know L'Arc~en~Ciel , you can google bout them. i won't be the one telling you who the hell are they for 100th times..i mean, t
here's a lot of sites dedicated to them already, and i'm just one of the later fans that don't really know much bout them.

kay..back to my title: FALL IN LOVE WITH THE KISS

what is KISS? like i said, given by 4 talented (but perverted..urgh) old men. easily said, latest, the very latest album by L'Arc~en~Ciel.
official released date : 21 NOVEMBER 2007
album: KISS
11th album from the band L'Arc~en~Ciel, which consists of hyde (vocal), tetsu (bassist/band leader), ken (guitarist), yukihiro (drum)
but it leaked on the 19.

haha...currently available for downloads..and i'm one of the impatient fans that can't wait for two more days. cool cover huh?

here's the track listing:

2. Pretty girl
4. Suna Dokei
5. spiral
8. Umibe
9. The Black Rose
10. Link -KISS Mix-
11. Yuki no Ashiato
12. Hurry Xmas

uhh...and i'm still having a hard time to make my ranking of fav tracks...but honestly, to me, this album is much, much, much better than AWAKE...maybe that album is too heavy for me.. too full of questions bout life and all..

gawwdddd........KISS is soooo....addictive...I'm currently listening to Umibe when i'm writing this..and seriously, the guitar, is mesmerizing, and hyde's voice is already back to his old heart wrenching style of singing...way way wayyyyy better than previous SMILE or AWAKE...not to mention my current favourites of Daybreak's Bell and MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM...even SEVENTH HEAVEN sounds good now..damn!! and i have a lot of favourites too from this album...

ahh...tak sia-sia order three times!!!hehe!!

oh... and here's the ad for KISS:

yeah...they're a bunch of retarded old men...XD XD XD XD
(OBSERVE the first part of picture, where hyde's "sweetly kissing" tetsu...and the second part, ken is making disgusted face at yukihiro's "romantic kiss"...WAHAHAHAHA!!)
and before i forget, CONGRATS TETSU FOR GETTING MARRIED!!GOD, FINALLY!!!I THOUGHT YOU'RE A GAY!!HAHAHA!!no, no...i'm just kidding...


aisyah. said...

buat pengetahuan semua, i yg bayar kan the cd using my credit card! ngahahha....

rai, rindu ko. bilik ko mmg penuh dgn comic. adoi, bila lg kita nk jumpa ni. cam sekali setahun je kan?? ehe

Sophia said...

lol, I heard about that ad. thanks for posting it!

I've actually just fallen in love with KISS too [hence me now googling the romaji and such. xD]

<3 Laruku