Nov 4, 2007

so, you wanna be a rockstar, eh?

i bought an a guitar last thursday. just got it back from being tuned yesterday. it's a Yamaha C360 model. i dunno whether it's a classical or acoustic guitar or whatever, but i'm sure it doesn't use electric, since it's not an electric guitar. and it's not exactly new either, a used guitar, but it does look new.

my journey to be a good guitar player starts now, and it's a long, long way still. i can't do even the finger exercise properly let alone play a decent song altogether. so bear with me. maybe in 3 months time i'll be able to play a L 'Arc~en~Ciel song. maybe i need longer time, or maybe i'll only take up a month or two.

it's cold today. i should do my lab report now, or maybe i'll just get it done tonight.

ps: i still hate wet shoes


raje said...

sooooooooo exciting!!!!
so later, we can jam together!
:D :D :D

altho im as bad as you are.


rean said...

ho ho ho!!!
yeah!! can't wait!!hehe!!!