Nov 12, 2007

blackout in jackal!!!


Jalan Kaliurang (Jackal) blacked out. i lived around that area, so my house has no electricity from 4pm till 9pm.

the reason:

rain + wind = wonder it blacked out for sooo longgg....

and this also happened :

this lane is really next to my house...and never ever before the lane was used as the main road. because of the fallen billboard the road was temporarily closed and all the vehicles (buses and trucks included) had to use this teeny weeny lane....

yep. first time ever a blackout in Jackal was this hectic (?). but it was cool though. i went out tonight with intan to everywhere with the excuse of finding functional ATMs. me, riding a bike at night with one of the rear mirror missing, and the brake doesn't function properly, and lots of other vehicles around me. plus with a passenger behind me. sounds like a recipe for disaster. good thing we came back alive and in one piece with no damage to the machine..phew..

*all pictures are courtesy of intan

ps: my shoes in the shoe rack got wet.


raje said...

i loike this post. i mean, paddling at night with a friend on a busy street...

total coolness! :)

and tonight is the night that i know, bicycle got rear mirrors. ahhaha i swear to God, i didnt know that.

the broken billboard looks pretty bad...

rean said...

err...SIDE MIRROR!!!salah tulis..haha!!
btw, it's motorbike..yep, the billboard was bad..but that's why we took the picture..hahaha!!