Nov 9, 2007

a mouse in the house

a few days ago when i was having dinner with intan at my sort of rented house, suddenly she went quiet. and she asked me:
* " rean, kamu lihat nggak yang tadi tuh?"
"nampak ape?"

oh we scramble out and checked our rooms to make sure we both closed the doors. and i just arrived in the nick of time to see the rat/mouse trying to climb up to my room using those cloth hanger thingy..(alah..penyidai besi yg portable tuh...). so i banged the hanger, the mouse fell down and ran towards next door. well, the next door room was empty...but seeing the creature climbing the door made me kicked the door. and the mouse fall once again but ran towards intan. she made some commotion which made the mouse to run back to the empty room.

well...mbak ellin kept watch on the mouse movement for us while we continue our dinner (but not in peace). then yu im came and saved the night. she scared the mouse downstairs and made sure it ran straight into the gutter. all the time, all of us was praying that the mouse wouldn't get in into any occupied rooms...

well..see how thing so small can cause a commotion so big? not to mention i was really really geli with that stupid tikus... dang...

* notice how the two of us speak in two different language? she in indonesian and me, malay..

ps: sudden rain is definitely not allowed...


raje said...

"she(intan) made some commotion"

is funny as hell.
well dont be mistaken.
because i was imagining myself at the scene.
man... i blew out the whole house.

well i guess, u guys are 2 brave girls...


rean said...

yeah...brave as we were watching it at 50m distance..haha!!

(raje and mouse...hmmm.....WAHAHAHHAA!!)