Nov 8, 2007

a mysterious man

i got a mysterious missed calls from an unknown number yesterday. being me, my phone went dead all day and i don't even realize it until i woke up this morning. so what i actually got was reports saying i got missed calls from that alien number. and that number called me again once this morning.

since it called me lots of time without me actually picking it up, i thought it was something or someone important. i mean, it could be my guitar instructor calling to cancel the lesson, or my classmate for things that had to do with today's tutorial. so i called the number back. three times. nobody pick it up.

and tonight, i missed the call from that mystery number again (seems like I'm not sensitive to my phone at all). so i called back. finally i got through. the voice that greeted me was not one that i know. or knew. or whatever. and it's a he. i asked who, he didn't answer, and i asked how he got my number, he said it's through his friend.

hm. i didn't know my number's being sold now... and he said he wanted to know me, so i said, i didn't know him. and i wasted 3 minutes worth of credit for something useless. guys who are afraid to meet me face to face to know me better has no place in my life.

i don't need cowards. so you guys out there, i maybe look like this, but i don't come cheap. if you want to know me get ready to face me and get through my barricades of girlfriends. so suck it up man!!

ps: i hate secret admirers..


Anonymous said...

yeah rai!!! benar!! kena go through our barricade of girlfriends... aha..
btw,sweetheart, u dont look cheap! betul la x lgsg.

rean said...

huhu...tq syah!!yeps...have to get approval from all of our girlfriends!!